Chrome extension NIFTY PE

Created this small extension to keep me up-to-date with NIFTY PE. It also has the ability to show historical NSE PE for last couple of years.

If interested you can install it from Chrome Web Store at NSE PE Watcher

Please keep in mind all of this was developed part time so it might have a few issues.



It’s a great and good product. Thank you for building and sharing it. Could you have something like this for the DOW?

I guess it wouldn’t be too much work if I can find a data source for the same. If you know where I can find historical data for the same, I can try to take a look.
Or if you mean only today’s PE to see on the badge, I can probably try to extract it from on some weekends. If someone has better data source, let me know.

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Hey Sandeep. Here’s one I use:

It does not have the PE correlation for the DOW though.

It does have it for the S&P 500 for 90 years for the index and the PE, just not overlaid.

Hope you find something that is workable. You may be able to see “more” than I can. Worth a shot.

Thank you for your kind interest in trying this.

Hi Sandeep. The PE Extension is not be loading for the last few days. Best.

Not loading or not showing latest data? Have you hidden it from chrome menu? I and a few of my friends use it and we are able to see it. Try to uninstall and install it again.

Thanks Sandeep. Uninstall and reinstall did the trick :slight_smile:

@valuestudent You can download the file from link given below to see PE ratio for SPX.X (only current PE, no historical PE for this yet)

Download Link: =>
Installation instructions:

It should hopefully match data with

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Released a new version of this extension. To use uninstall old version and install new one from here

It can optionally integrate with moneycontrol (if you use it to monitor your portfolio) and adds a new PE column to your portfolio like this (enable by right click options) => PE is standalone PE sourced from Moneycontrol. Will change it to consolidated in near future.

Also has an option to change download location for files downloaded from screener to screener/ . I find it useful to have all my screener data into a separate folder.

Disclaimer: Standard ones for the application developed for personal use so use at your own risk :slight_smile: