Celebrating 5 years of Collaborative Investing at ValuePickr: Top Contributors

VP Chintan Baithak: 15-17 June, 2015, Goa

Some like Hitesh, Ayush and Yours Truly have been in the forefront and hogging all the credit perhaps, for too long maybe :slight_smile:

There are many more who are the Real Heroes - preferring to silently do much of the grunge work, the information digging, number crunching, the real scuttlebutt - opening doors to industry domain experts and managements - for us to do our job in our quest to becoming better-informed investors.

Team ValuePickr: Top Contributors
Back Row (from L to R)
Dnyanesh, Vinod, Ananth, Omprakash, Kiran, Anil, Aveek, Hitesh
Front & Middle Row (from L to R)
Pratyush, Ankit, Anant, Abhishek, Dhwanil, Donald, DeepInsight, Tirumal, Ayush, Gaurav

Top Contributors but couldn’t make it to VP Annual Meet, Goa 2015
Rudra Chowdhury
Vimal Mathew


We had 3 packed days of great bonding - celebrating a shared journey of last 5 years at VP - that has probably surpassed all our individual and group expectations/ambitions!

Lots of steep learning too for most of us. Actually 3 days was too less for the action-packed agenda; the inviting south goa beach was just 200 meters away from our conference room - but guys were so hooked to the accomplished speakers - our first real peek/romp at the beach was on the 2nd day evening.

Everyone voting to stay rooted to the conference room - eager not to miss any of the golden words that may get dropped :slight_smile:


Donald and all VP Guys,

Congratulations on the 5 years journey and hope that VP goes ahead more stronger…

Personally it has been a very educative and immense learning experience reading the forum and meeting some of the guys…

All the best to each VP’ian…


We should have kept at least 1 more day for enjoying such a lovely setting.That’s a key learning from this time!
Despite wanting to keep only a light 3 hour Agenda every day - we ended up wide-eyed everyday till midnight; everyone wanted everything (important) to get addressed - as if there’s no tomorrow :smile:

Will share the Agenda first, and before you can raise your hands - the presentations too - in coming days!! Please bear with some delays here.

Getting busy in preparing for a presentation at an Investment Learning summit in the weekend - Team ValuePickr has been invited to share our unparalleled journey - why do people collaborate, how do you get them to ?? being the central theme

We all know, why :slight_smile: Isn’t it ?


Looks like you guys had a great time. Nice to put faces to names!

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Thanks to the team for such a wonderful, enriching & educating time in Goa. Waiting eagerly for an even better meet next year :smile:


Fabulous pics and it seems to be a memorable outing. Hoping that attleast 1% of the collective wisdom of this group will rub on me, by accident atleast !!

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@donald Great stuff guys!! Just out of curiosity is this group going to expand going forward?


just looking at the gathering gives me goosebumps. I sincerely hope to learn enough in the coming years to be a fly on the wall of this August Company.

Hi @Donald ,

It will be really great if someone putup the brief of discussion , this will be a great learning for us

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We will do better.
Actual presentations will be shared, as far as possible. Some of the Members do have professional/other limitations, allowing for that, most of the stuff will be freely shared.

And we can branch off discussions on the Topics as needed.


Glad to see the force behind this amazing team. I am highly indebted for the immense knowledge and discipline that myself and others have gained from you all. Its a long journey.

Thanks to Donald for creating such a lovely event. He took a lot of pain in planning the event perfectly and loading upon everyone the hard (but very valuable) work of coming up with a presentation on your investment journey and to share with everyone the learning and experiences. This was really great as it forced everyone to sit down, think and improve.

Though the planned time given to each participant was 30 minutes but each of the presentations were so good and valuable that on an average each presentation went on for an hour or two :smiley: We hardly got time to go to the beach or explore Goa…lol.

It feels great to meet the people we have been interacting over the web for so long and get to know them better and form a bonding. This is becoming like a family/close friends group.

Being the first time, it was a limited participation but I’m sure @Donald will like to make it an annual event and expand the participants :smile:



Thanks Donald that will be great

That’s a fantastic event and very aspirational for those who didn’t make it :wink:
Hopefully we will rise up to it in the coming years…

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If you could post summary of ideas/themes discussed at the event, we would be greatly benefited. Also, if it is not too difficult if you can record the audio/video of these events, minions like us can watch/hear and learn.

I am blessed to be a part of this great platform - it’s truly made me a better investor !


Thank you to everyone there. You guys are fabulous!

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Feeling blessed that I could meet up with all you great people. And cursing myself for not making full use of this excellent opportunity to learn and share!
Thanks again VP Team.


Great work !!!.
You can share your thoughts discussed over Goa meet. It would help us.