Celebrating 5 years of Collaborative Investing at ValuePickr: Top Contributors

Hats off to all of you.Privileged to be a part of this esteemed forum.

it would be nice if AV is
posted here

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I completely agree with Ayush that as always, Donald was the motivating force who kept driving the point that we must ensure that we make best use of this event both in terms of bonding and learning. I must say (and am sure that all of us in that group would share my feelings) we have far exceeded our own expectations on both the counts!

To me the most glaring aspect was that each person in the group had a very different investment style/approach and yet there was significant similarity in the basic investment framework and principles adopted.

I am sure, like many other things at VP, this annual event too will be institutionalized with wider participation in years to come.

Three cheers to the success of VPites an the forum that has created immense value for all its members.


This is a brilliant initiative. Wish I could be a part of it going forward. Don’t know if I will be able to contribute much though. Please share info on collaborations, presentations to enrich us.

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AV Recording was what we thought we will do.
This was the first such Annual meet with formal presentations being made - most felt spontaneity will get restricted if camera spotlight was on. Besides a few have professional/other restrictions.

So we had to drop the idea - but since VP is based on free-sharing and adding value ethos, folks have captured the essence well in the Presentations to be shared. We will have a go again, next time perhaps :slight_smile:

Wait for that



It would be great if you can start sharing the knowledge capsule at the earliest.


Nice way to get to know if our presentations are valued/eagerly awaited :smile:

just kidding …busy in some deliverables …should be uploading from tonight.


The goa VP meet was a great meeting of minds and donald was the main catalytic force behind the event.

The best thing was that everyone had their own investment philosophy and style and that helped in opening our eyes to new investment insights.

And I was pleased to see the camraderie and bonding during this meet. What was great to see was the humility of all the participants.

The only issue was time constraint but I guess even if we had a couple of more days the problem would still have remained. :smile:


I am glad to see the faces & forces behind the VP core team.
Thanks for sharing these pics and all the wisdom you guys share on VP forum for all of us to make better investment decisions.
You guys are an inspiration !!

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It was a great experience for a newbie like me at the Goa meet. Meeting such stalwarts was an enriching experience. Donald had pushed us really hard to prepare for the presentations.
What I have realised is that you have to bring something to the table at VP and there will be a lot more to gain out of it. I remember Donald telling me that there was not much value addition from my end and it really pushed me hard to do more analysis. It has changed my view at doing analysis.
One thing I liked about all the participants was that they are very humble and down to earth. Our friend @dkirand has written a great blogpost about the meet and largely covers most of the learnings which came out of the it.


Ankit It would be great if you could share the link of the post/blog

Here is the link - https://kiraninvestsandlearns.wordpress.com/


Congrats to All for a Great Event and collaborative sharing.

There is a left out feeling in those who could not attend due to valid reasons.
Eagerly waiting for documents to be shared.


My heartiest congratulations to @ayushmit @ekanshmittal @Donald to be on Forbes wealth wizards. Well done guys.

Can you share the link for the article?


Great initiative! If we have an open forum instead of by invitation-only, would gives a great opportunity for a lot more people to learn from you all.

Would love to know how many who attended are full time investors without a regular job/business? And how many left their job/business to become a full time investor? Would love to know the stories of all those.

As I aspire to reach that goal some day over the next few years/decade (depending on how markets treat me :wink: )

With current commitments (read as job), it almost holds me back spending too much time to analyse businesses as I know I have a full time job which pays me and I need to spend more time on that. This is what I need and want to learn, how and when people have made that transition. I’m sure it’s an extremely difficult choice if people have made that.

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