Can Someone Please Guide Newbie's Like Me

Community Members, I would like to ask a few Basic Questions, Please Bear with Me

  1. I would really like to know what all the different categories in the Forum mean, as only a few of them have some written description about them. Can someone Please guide me on that side. Also, could someone tell if the site (not the forum) is kept up to date, or is abandoned and only the forum is used now-days,Also are the resources written there still valid or useful for a beginner.

Where should a new member ask questions that were supposed to be asked here, as there seems to be no category as “Investing Basics Q&A” as is written by the Admin.

3)Can someone please guide Me and the other newbie’s on how to get started with the forums on how to get started with the forum in general and equity Valuation. I have read the following thread

Do the senior’s still recommend this kind of approach and If so then should we analyze the Annual Report of a well known company or an sort of “unheard” one. Where can we get additional info for “unheard” companies other than AR.

Please try to reply and be patient. It would be great if some seniors replied to this thread and pin it at the top, along with a few other “Beginner” thread’s so that the newbie’s don’t feel so intimidated or perplexed with the forums

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Hi Karthik,

Every one in this forum was 1st time investor once. I have been hanging around the forum for around 3 months now and I am still a newbie in the sideline. I am yet to make my first stock purchase. From what I have seen by reading every post, the seniors in this forum are through and know what they are doing & it means business. Business here is to “Separate wheat from Chaff”, first observe.

It is “learn by observing.” Then take it to next level by “testing the waters” of the markets. Patience is Virtue and we the students of the business world need that. As famous detective Sherlock says,

I hope we together will learn a lot.

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Not sure if this the right thread to post this,
but how do I change my userName ?
I tried : Profile > preferences > userName
However, I cannot edit that userName field

Can anyone help me on this trivial thing ? :slight_smile:

There is a pencil to the right of username, clicking on which you can edit your username. I just changed my username following this.

Reposting here again as I could not find a way to modify the user name ( it appears non-editable).
Can anyone help with how to modify the user name ?

I was looking at Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd - Niche businessThere is a lot limit of 1600 shares could fellow value pickrs shed some light on why that’s so?

Numerous other shares (penny stocks mostly) seem to have similar limits.

  • Are these limits arbitrary?
  • Is there a threshold of market cap or any other parameters after which shares will be traded as one or more shares
  • What are the implications for smaller investors of investing in such lots apart from larger capital getting locked?

P.S. This is my first query on the forum, apologies if I violated any guidelines or best practices.

One has to check the volume and the frequency of trades happening in the penny stocks. There are times, when a stock is not traded for days.

Also, one should check the movement of the price and volume in relation to the shareholding pattern. As these are small stocks, there will be only few persons who will buy many lots which gets reflected both in the volume and price, and in the SHP. In other words, the available float could be in the hands of a select few, they could be genuine, but they will be few, and if you are a retail investor and buys at the high price, and if the stock does not get traded, you will get stuck, and even if it gets traded after a few days, the price may move down and not up.

There is even the possibility of the stock not being traded for months. Not an ideal place to be in. This is not the case of patience being tested, this is different, with no buyers in sight, the stock could be a ground for operators. One has to be careful, one has to check as much information as possible before investing.

So if one is interested in the story, company, one can wait for a couple or a few quarters to see the movement of the stock, observe, understand and then take the decision of investing in it, if he cannot wait for the stock to migrate to the mainboard.

I have no experience in investing in these small stocks, although I am interested in some and check them out occasionally, so as to see the movement of the stock.

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@ChaitanyaC Thanks a lot for the links and providing the perspective it certainly helped understand the rationale much better.