CAGR of investors

We all know that Warren buffet had a cagr of 20%.Anyone in this forum or any other investor that you know of has a far superior cagr
1.Jim Simmons 66% for 30 years

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  • Seth Klarman: ~20% CAGR over 34 years
  • Benjamin Graham: ~20% CAGR over 20 years
  • Peter Lynch: 29% CAGR over 13 years
  • Joel Greenblatt: 48% CAGR over 10 year
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Not an investor, he’s a trader but of course very very good at his job. Comes from deep knowledge of mathematics and the amazing organization that is rentech that he has built.


Any lesser known investor

The VP founders and senior folks (Hitesh, Donald, Ayush, Abhishek etc.) all would have had more returns than Buffett but maybe less than Simmons :slight_smile:


Please refer the screen shot in first post: AA - Abhishek's Attic (place to store stuff to clear my head)!

I have not verified the data. But many of these people were interviewed in Market Wizard book series and have excellent track record.

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