Bouques! & Brickbats!

You have played with the product for some time.You may be very happy with some aspects. You might also find something very odd or irritating!

We are happy to record all your observations - the good, the bad, and the ugly! And act on them! We know that’s the only way to improve upon our effort with your real world feedback. We are committed to make this the most happening stock screener, that’s benchmarked the world over.

Thanks and keep them coming!

I am by no stretch of imagination an active investor or a well informed one. One of the primary reasons I am that way was that I had very little means of understanding what the companies were worth; how they fared with respect to their peers; and how they are doing compared to their earlier years; identifying ones which I might consider good out of the thousands out there. Even though I did not realize it, it was something like ValuePickr that I was desperately seeking. Thanks for creating this - I hope to use this regularly. And, fingers crossed, profitably :slight_smile:

Screener performance rocks

Just tried most of the screeners and must say that the performance rocks as compared to earlier. The screeners are simply stock researching on steroids. The very fact of filtering and getting presented with a list of few stocks that satisfy certain time tested criteria within seconds from a universe of thousands of stocks is amazing…

This is definitely going to bring lot of value to serious investors in doing their due diligence in the quickest time. Keep up the great work!

Hi Swami_srd,

Thanks. Glad you are impressed this time.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is exactly what we struggled with when we started out! Separating the good from the bad, and the ugly:)

Today, its our dream to put this power into the hands of every wannabe investor - make us all better informed investors -all from publicly available information, no great shakes! If we can now collaborate together to harness the community intelligence - that will be a big deal! Yes. We look forward to that happy day, soon.



My comments on the screener


A big congraulations to you and your friend for the effort you have put in here. There are three points that I ll like to make.

1). Once we have a list of companies in a table, we can click on any company and go to the snapshots. However, to come back to the previous screen, the back button of the browser has to be clicked. Can we have a back button on the screen itself.

2). Can we also have a search option, incase we have the name of the company and want to see the snapshots directly.

3). You may add a page of recommended readings for beginners. It should be of help.

Thanks Bobby for your encouragement.

A search option is included in the Snapshot page for now. You should be able to find the company snapshot you wnat to look at from here. We will provide a better solution in the next release.

Investor education content-wise lots can be done. Some basics are covered in our Basics section

You havelaunched a great Stock Screener website, I thank u because your website has motivatedme to learnsince it hasvaluablehow to start, guidance, knowledge specially for folks like me.

This is very impressive. Many people will find it useful.



I just had a peek. And let me tell you, “It is EXCELLENT”.

Will check out again when i have time to spare. And definitely try to create some screens which could be helpful.

Lets say, I have a screener with about ten steps in it, and each one of these steps filters out quite a number of stocks. Most of my important filtering criteria will always fall under the first 5 steps and the last 5 steps are usually nice to have but not really importantcriteria. However the way the screener works it only shows me the list of companies if it makes through all the 10 steps. What would be nice is the number of companies that has passed each step shown with a link. Clicking on this link would show me the list of companies that made through till that level.

Had a look at your stock screenr briefly, looks very impressive. Congratulations on thinking and executing such an idea. Will provide you more feedback after I start using it more


One of the best Indian sites I have seen in years.

Screener which are most useful tool for investors where missing in Indian sites & that gap has been filled by ValuePickr.

One suggestion though…

Rather than rush in posting new articles keep an eye on quality.

Visitors like quality even if it is not frequent. (This site should not be like a Technology blog where there are 4-5 posts everyday).

Everything relating to investments has been said already by Investing greats. There is nothing new to be said except polishing our existing knowledge…so “separating wheat from the chaff” is an apt motto.

I can proudly say that where “Value-Stock-Plus” left “ValuePickr” is starting off…

all the best!



Thank you so much Saumil. There are scores (possibly hundreds) like me who started our investing journey feeding on the excellent articles base, and collections on Buffet, Munger, our own Jhunjhunwala made available on Link:

This means tremendous encouragement for us. It will take a lot to live upto these expectations!

A very valuable timely suggestion a go slow but focus on quality. I was just gettinga bit edgy that past week and more I havenat been able to add any significant new content.

These are very important pointers, we will try to adhere to. Grateful. Hope we can keep getting your guidance.



Dear Madhu,

This is an important functional requirement in the screening process. I like to call this a “Roll Back”. Users need the ability to roll back the screen execution to any step in the process and check out companies, why some company did not make the grade in the next step (or did), introduce a variant at an intermediate step, and things like that. Its quite possible that one misses out on an otherwise quality company…just because a far too stringent criteria was applied somewhere in the sequence. Ability to roll back execution to any step is an important functionality, yes. Glad you spotted this early…bolsters the case for prioritising this:)

There are a couple of elegant ways to allow users to do that (vs. just producing links at each step -pretty inefficient, that). One of them brings with it some challenges. Let’s see how best we can provide and how soon!




I can only imagine the amount of time and efforts that must have gone into this. It is amazing what you have achieved. Heartiest congratulations…

Of course, the next logical step would be discussing stock ideas which your screener/s brings up…i am sure there will be a well-thought-out and formatted forum for that too…



Thanks a lot Neeraj.

Yes, we do have concrete plans on enabling effective collaboration between senior investors guiding juniors/learners in doing teh legwork in digging up information on promising opportunities…just how to incentivise that properly? may need more than a forum??

toying with a couple of ideas…lets see how it can move from drawing board to a fully-fleshed concept…and executed by our super team…pretty soon… i hope for all of us…am an eternal optimist!



Excellent !

Hello Donald and ValuePickr team,

This is an excellent initiative by all of you. Wonderful !!

Best of luck.


Dear Donald, great to see the way you and your team have designed the website. It has loads of informations and well written explanations of financial terms. The effort put in by you allwas well worth the effort.I take this opportunityto congrajulate you and your team on a job extremely well done. Since I am a member of the Lawarrenbuffet group, I knew that you were trying to get a stock screener up and running but it would be this good was beyond me. I hope the all the best and will help in popularising it within my friend circle who are interested in stock research…

To the entire Valuepickr team,

Congratulations on providing such a wonderful service to all investors. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reduce the time I spend in looking for ideas. I was severely limited by the lack of a proper screener based on my requirements.

This website is like God-sent to me personally. I got bitten by the value investing bug 3 years ago and the biggest problem I faced then was the lack of a proper screening facility. I actually ended up manually entering values in a spreadsheet of 3000 plus companies after leafing through their ARs available on BSE. NSE, company websites, etc.

I had decided then that once I made enough money, I would create a screener of indian stocks that could be utilized by all. Thankfully you have more than fulfilled my needs.

I have just started using the website, but rest assured it will be the first place I go to as soon as I am online. Once again thank you for making my life easy and better.