Books on Warren Buffet style of Investing

The Warren Buffet Way -Robert G Hagstrom

Warren Buffet Wealth - Principles & Practical Methods Used by the World’s greatest Investor - Robert P Miles

The Warren Buffet Portfolio - mastering the power of the Focus Investment Strategy - Robert G Hagstrom

Pick stocks like Warren Buffet )- What you can learn from the Best Investor of our time - J K Lasser’s

How to think like Benjamin Graham and Invest like Warren Buffet )- Lawrence A Cunnigham

The new Buffetology )- A probe inside the head of a financial genius - Mary Buffet & David Clark

These are the some of the common books on Warren Buffet and his investment philosophy. Please share what you have liked about any of these books and why.

Vishal is discussing every week one shareholder letter written by Buffet every week, right from 1958. See here

Amazing! This can turn out to be a very valuable resource. Its a great initiative by Vishal.


I printed Buffet’s letter to shareholder from 2007-09, read them thoroughly and marked the important portions. I have quite a few questions regarding buffet’s style of value investing.

I am not sure where we can do the same in this thread. Donald, can you please let us know where we can discuss buffetology and value investing.

I have been reading many of the books recommended here. Of course, most of them are on value investing, in the Ben Graham, Walter Buffet style. It is indeed a great learning experience. One can only marvel at the wisdom and foresight of these guys, and get humbled by the tremendous track record.

However, I just wanted to get a contrasting view and a different perspective. Are there any books out there which sort of suggest a different approach? An approach different from these books, which suggests a different way to think about markets, than the value investing approach. There are these technical analysis books, like the book on point and figure charting (which I have yet to start reading), but maybe there books on things other than technical analysis. If so, I would like to get recommendations on the same.



May be you would like to read “reminiscence of a stock operator”

I respect Jesse Livermore after WB … “How to trade stocks” by him is great book

“Fooled by randomness” is another great read

If u don’t want to read fundamental analysis or technical analysis, read “you can be stock market genius” … it gives new perspective to look at stock market … going where strong hands don’t go … special situations etc

@samir s, @Raj Panda

Thanks for your suggestions

I suggest this book ---- If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks By Peter Navaro.

This will give you some background in macro investing. This is investing based on macro economic trends and indicators. Investors like George Soros, Jim Rogers are successful practitioners of such investing.

  1. Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom. …This is an excellent book for all.
  2. How to pick stocks like Warren Buffett by Timothy Vick. …Good one for beginners.
  3. The Essays of Warren Buffett by Cunningham. …This is for advanced investors.