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There is continuous slide in share price of best agro. Does it have something to do with IT Raids that happened recently in company ?

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QOQ growth seen, seems like the recovery in Agrochem sector is near


Why is stock 8% down ?

Margins dropping from 11 to 6% ?

margin have dropped and receivables have increased to 1011cr

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Inspite of profit of Rs 232.4 Cr during H1 ccash flow from operation is negaitve… Recievables have increased to Rs 1011 Cr…Trade revenue is around 32%.
All are red flags for me…

Disclosure : Already exited 1 year back due to lot of red flags.

There are so many investment opportunities and one can avoid investing in such kind of stocks and if invested it should be less than 1% of your portfolio

Disc: invested, smallest holding, increased today to 3% of folio


Stand alone Cash flow from operation is negative Rs 48.6 Cr and at Consolidated level also out of Net Profit before Tax of Rs 232 CR for H1, Cash flow from operation is merely 5 Cr. …

I would stay away from such Company and more than happy to loose 1 multibagger like Best Agro.

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Ignoring the obvious red flags present, such as, aggressive accounting practices, increasing receivables, headwinds in the agrochemical industry, depleting margins, recent IT raids, I would still like to look at certain positives. All views and opinions welcome.

  1. Management confidence in achieving 20% Ebitda margins
  2. Continuous launch of new products that are expected to contribute to margins in H2FY24
  3. Plans to explore opportunities in SE Asia, Middle East and Africa
  4. Acquisition of Kashmir Chemicals (to meet growing demand)
  5. 20 years patent for its subsidiary
  6. Capex for backward integration
    Also, reading the concall transcript has given me a little bit of confidence in the management and a belief that the company is possibly headed on the right path.
    The stock is currently in a free fall and my thesis may be wrong but I feel the business model is strong and fundamentals are expected to improve next quarter or maybe 6 months onwards.