Basics of Personal Financial

Hi Everyone!
This is my first post on Value Pickr! Have been a avid reader of the forum for last 3-4 years. While I am yet to gain enough expertise on equities, have learnt a good deal of basics of Personal Finance. Have summarized my learnings on the same in attached PDF document if anyone wants a quick insight on personal finance and related topics.

Personal finance - introduction ver 0.4.pptx (1.6 MB)

Please note: I am NOT a SEBI registered Financial Advisor. Points captured in the document are my personal learnings and I have given due credit to all the sources from where minor inputs have been taken. Please refer to disclaimer at the start of the PDF.


Thanks for sharing this, very good information with some sources to gain more knowledge. looking forward for secondary income and FIRE updates. great work

Thanks Satish! I am yet to gain enough experience on secondary income and FIRE for me to share with others. It is WIP, hopefully in near future will be able to share updates on the same!

SEBI adds nine additional calculators to its investor education website. Highly useful for those starting their personal finance journey (link below):

These 9 calculators were originally designed by M. Pattabiraman who runs freefincal website ( and adapted by SEBI team for their website. Pattu sir has done a great service over the years to Indian investors in area of personal finance, especially in Goal Based Financial Planning approach.


Excellent presentation.very well explained and thanks for sharing.

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