Balu forge, naya energy - new mobility world

Balu Forge - A company with a capability has expanded to produce crankshafts up to 2.5 meters in length and installed capacity has increased to 30,000 fully finished crankshafts per month. They also have a Dedicated vertical, Naya with a clear focus on the Developments of the New Mobility World.

The New Era has moved from Conventional Mobility Solutions to a range of Potential Drivers for the Future may it be Hybrid/ BEV/ Hydrogen Powered Vehicles. It is imperative for an incumbent to have a well-defined strategy for the way ahead where the changing Landscape will offer a large number of Opportunities.

Balu had a humble beginning in the year 1989, in Belgaum, India. The initial set up was for
manufacturing of crankshafts for single cylinder & two cylinder with a limited workforce. Within
the last decade the company is supplying to OEM companies and the aftermarket presence
has since expanded to over 80 countries. Three decades later Balu has gained an excellent
reputation in the world market & has further ventured into multiple new verticals spread the
New Energy Sector


Battery Division
• Lithium Ion Battery Development
• Metal air Battery Development
• Development of the Proprietary Battery Management System

Ecosystem Building
• Wall Mounted Charging Stations
• Wireless Charging Stations

Recycling Division
• Lead Acid Recycling
• Lithium Recycling

Component & Spare Part Division
• Forging Aluminum Components for the Electric Vehicle Industry
• Precision Machined components for the New Energy Sphere
• Development of Electric Motors

Naya Motors
• Electric Carriage Project
• Two Wheeler

Energy Storage Solutions
• The Hydrogen Opportunity


debtors day is very high, subsidiaries contribution in revenue is almost nil