Bajaj Healthcare - API and FDF Manufacturer

Business and ones circle of competence on that is more important than financial metrics or valuation. Price moves up in accordance with that. A person who understands business buys as he knows the price will follow . Market is a slave of earnings but with a lag or lead. A person who has got conviction will load up. But we retail dont have that advantage fully unlike big investors.

My circle of competence was not higher (than in Bajaj Healthcare) in Indiamart or Affle when I invested in them/ started a thread on them in valuepickr.

Every once in a while one of these leaps of faith don’t work out. The problem of not leaping till you have 100% circle of competence is then you miss out on the 2 out of 3 ideas that worked.


Increased sale of Favipriavir, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are Covid related I suppose which may decrease in the coming quarters.

At least you started the thread Venkatesh. We all are benefitting from it. I also did not know about the Rice Mill and Condom until i read here. Thanks

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Any news…for stock underperformance …market knows more than US…please advise if there is any news that we should know…

2QFY22 results are very poor!

But as per their annual report, by fy 23… company crosses 1000cr revenue

So 50 % growth on top line planned in next 1 yr

Will that be a trigger for any good performance in next 1 yrs or so

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As per Latest Press release…20 % growth in FY 22 itself


Any idea what is the meant by - Opiate Processing Business . its market size , peers etc .


The news is dope!
For the profit, is there hope?

  • How certain are we that this opium processing will really result in profit?
  • Having Govt. as a customer has its problems
  • It is good to notice that management is exploring new avenues
  • They certainly overestimated its business guidance for FY22 surfing on the COVID wave…and that shows their unreliability

Disc: Tracking

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The q1 result seems to be very poor. I do this company conduct concall? I couldn’t find anything and anyone has any idea what is the guidance?

Bajaj Healthcare’s news report of receipt of EIR with No Action Initiated and zero 483