Analysis of EV Industry?

Hi Guys
I was searching for analysis on EV industry on the portal but could not find anything substantial .
I ma looking for article which can analyse the next years of 10 industry and major players ( TATA motors , Exide industries etc ) who would benefit from the EV revolution.
Can anyone here share the link of the discussion thread if it is already present here ?

Thank you for this … Is there any discussion thread where we are discussing about torch bearers of EV industry ?

sona blw precision forgings thread should give some info. also known as SONACOMS

Thank you … I’ll read that

Hi Siddharth

As of now not a lot of stocks available in the listed space.

You could consider surrogate options though.

Like Fiem Ind -OEM for Ola electric or some NBFC that considers financing options etc

Minda corporation will be good pick for EV play They have very good product line for EV space

Keeping things simple

TATA Motors (Only local player to tesla they got funded by TPG so this is going to grow, Do watch Tata EV Documentary Evolve to Electric with Tata Motors - The Documentary - YouTube )
Tata Elxsi ( Synergy will play out for sure. If others come in EV their ER&D projects might take more time Vs Tata Group as they have in house/group companies)
Tata Power ( This part i am super bullish on, This is gonna blow up so much. Tata Power has an advantage for sure. Tata Nexon will get charged in a much better fashion Vs other EV cars. I would think it is a given and obviously this is the ecosystem play by Tatas just like the big giants Apple Samsung do in the easy to understand space of electronics)
Raj Ratan ( Tyres are required which is stating the obvious. Raj Ratan makes wires used in tyres)
Sona Coms (Upcoming EV play, very popular and unit economics will work here for sure)

Praj Industries ( If the EV play is not ur CoC then look at the ethanol play and Praj will be the best bet here as their order book is really good at this moment, Great management watch Niraj shah asking great ques to Shishir Joshipura Talking Point With Praj Industries' CEO Shishir Joshipura - YouTube )



Hello everyone. I am sharing the PPT slides for a presentation I had made recently, on electric vehicles. I have done an analysis of the EV industry dynamics globally and in India, (e.g. are EVs truly green, affordability, safety of electric cars, depreciation rate on EVs v/s ICE, main challenges of EVs etc.), biggest beneficiaries (e.g. 4W OEMs or 2W/3W OEMs or ancillaries, which specific components within auto ancillaries and which listed companies are making those parts etc.) and much more. The link is here (hyperlinked). Hope this is useful. Thank you.


Good presentation. Thank you for sharing. While saw a few companies names shared in the ppt as could be beneficiaries of the EV transition. Was intrigued by absence of Sona BLW in them. Any particular reason?

Hi Manek,

Good presentation. Did you also consider about electric buses opportunity? There is one listed player Olectra Greentech which is doing swift moves in that space. They recently, acquired land of 150 acres in Telangana for EVs where the production is planned to commence in FY22-23. The are targeting 10,000 electric buses per year in next few years and also have plans to expand to trucks, LCVs and MCVs. BYD is their technology partner and the current promoter is a big infra player in India.

Please go through this article for more info.

Discl - Invested in Olectra

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The listing was very close to the date I made the presentation hence I didn’t have much time to research Sona BLW at the time. Besides, the topic was on broader EV dynamics, and I had only included company names as potential beneficiaries rather than going into detail. Will probably update the PPT with Sona BLW soon :slight_smile: (disc- no holdings in Sona BLW)

In my opinion, the biggest beneficiaries of EVs will be auto ancillaries, but within OEMs, PV makers will benefit more than CV, and even within PV, 2 and 3-wheelers will benefit more than 4Ws. (I may be wrong). Having said that, I will go surely through the article and look at Olectra (disc- no holdings in Olectra)

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thanks Gautam… can we have a detailed analysis on aforementioned companies considering their role in EV’s in India .
BY detailed analysis , I mean Revenue expected , their vendors , suppliers , current bookings , Survey of Car dealerships , Demand Forecasts in terms of current bookings etc . We can look at the data and then take an informed decision.
By only worry is if Maruti and Hyundai decides to get into this market . They can disrupt the market by leveraging their existing customer base and brand

I will try and answer the Honda Hyundai Maruti dilema.
Maruti has announced that they will focus on CNG. But there is an issue there. The mental model is that CNG is not the future alone. EV would be the future along side something else too. And that something else can be Fossil fuels - Ethanol blending - CNG.
Saw a truck lane in UK where it used the same tech as used in train tracks via electricity. Amazing idea and solves a great issue. EV is here to stay and erupt in a great way.
If you give me a gold mine and gold diggers company i would ask you to give me picks and shovels. Tata power falls in that category.
Also leave aside Maruti and Hyundai. MG has come up with Electric cars + Charging stations. And customers for MG complain that the charging is not quick enough Vs tata nexon customer who is riding happily to home using tata power charging stations.

Tech is here to grow i admit. but the valuations which exist today will not be there in years to come.

Thank you for the reply… I completely understand where you are coming from and Agree with it . It’s just that i want to be on companies which are critical in supply chain of Ev instead of just brands …
I really positive on growth of EV in India . TATA power is the one that will pay a crucial role .
Just want to know some more with proper analysis

I think the SOIC video on tata power does justice to the story.
It has numbers. also, do dig into Screener for number + annual reports. If i get time i will post here with the latest numbers.