Ammonia a fuel of the future

Sharing some developments in new fuels, these emerging technologies would take time to mature, does not look an immediate opportunity for investment
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Science and technology of ammonia combustion - ScienceDirect
Why Canada is a leader in ammonia, a fuel of the future (Why Canada is a leader in ammonia, a fuel of the future | Invest in Canada)

IMO, Lithium Ion battery is in a transition phase, research is happening on alternate and less expensive fuels retaining the architecture of IC engines

This article related to green ammonia

I had read somewhere Japan is looking a lot into using Amonia as fuel

Clean air and energy will be the future by 2050. Fuel of the future may be electric vehicles, green hydrogen, green ammonia, green methanol …… and depends on crossing the hurdle successfully.
Every source of energy has limitations like easy availability, cost, handling & storage of fuel. Like Green ammonia will cost two to four times as much to make as conventional ammonia and need advance technologies to harness the molecule like ammonia-burning engines
Marine industries also contribute to global emission as over 90 percent of world trade is carried across the world’s oceans by thousands of marine vessels. Leaders in manufacturing of marine engines like MAN & Wartsila are also doing R & D to use Ammonia and hydrogen as a fuel.


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Ammonia as fuel may come for power generation to begin with, may take couple of years for India to adopt. US, Europe, Japan and China would be early adaptors. India would certainly adopt depending on economic considerations, if peak hour prices (during nights) make it viable to switch to alternate power generation modes, India would adopt too.
Ammonia producing companies and vendors supplying to these companies would benefit. IMO, it would take couple of years to happen.
My idea in starting this thread was to highlight the emerging trends.
It is worthwhile to note that countries toward the north of northern hemisphere have been facing unprecedented heat, fossil fuels has been the main culprit. Quoting a section of President Biden’s infrastructure plan for power, " Modernize power generation to deliver clean electricity". Am sure hydrogen based power generation would be included in the implementation plan and ammonia is a promising candidate
Rich countries are talking about green ammonia, this could be expensive. A study conducted in Japan found that ammonia produced from derivates of feedstock had 1.5% carbon which is better than burning coal. In essence, ammonia manufactured in India is ok for power generation
Would like to reiterate the intent of creating this thread is to inform developments in science and technology that have a positive bearing on certain listed players