Alpha Analyst: Fundamental analysis of companies made simpler (feedback requested)

We have created a tool Alpha Analyst to aid in the detailed fundamental analysis of companies. Ideally, you would use this once you get past the higher level numbers in Screener or similar tool. The tool allows you two main features at this point:

  • Navigate schedules and notes and extract original financial statements into excel
  • Search over all fundamental data across all Indian companies: This is a vertical search engine specialised to Indian companies
Link to the tool and link to brief help on the tool.

Hi Kv1,

Its a great effort, thanks for trying and providing the data, I understand this format is different from screener or ratestart because you produce the data the same way it is displayed in annual report. I was looking for this kind of details because it givies annual report comparison between multiple years. I have few suggestions.

  1. Instead of two years comparison, is it possible to compare between 5 or 10 years in the present elaborate format.
  2. Can you give a drop box in the top to select consolidated or standalone which will help to filter instead of going all through down to view the standalone.
  3. Is it possible to bring the schedules also in this screen. You can provide a link on the BS or PL which can take to the schedule.

If the above is achieved with better user interface then i am sure this will be one of the best tool for people who wants to compare multiple annual reports at the same time.

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Just now i understood we can search for a item like share capital or cost of goods sold and can access the link which directly connects to the schedule in the annual report. Its done good but i feel instead of searching here we can directly open the annual report and do it with ease.

The main advantage will be comparing the details between more than two years like 5 years or ten years.

For details about statement, I used to check MoneyControl. This could be another place where you can do that in lightweight page.

Another feature is searching inside Annual Report.

What else I missed?

I think, you are going to add much more later.

Thanks for the comments.

We are trying to have a longer comparison; however it is challenging since the rows in the table might have changed. This is something we are looking at. We are focused on trying to add different information than is easily accessible via Screener. We are automatically extracting links to the schedules, so if you see a link on the schedule number it will be clickable. You can then switch between tabs with the overall financial statement and the schedules. Currently all of this is an automated process and hence not perfect; we will be working on improving these aspects and the overall user interface as you suggest.

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We have added a few more features:

I have added a post on some of the features that we have added in the thread please take a look. Just wanted to point out some of the things that one can use the tool for:

  • Find companies in certain kinds of businesses (e.g. search for cloud, AWS and you will se companies mentioning this which can serve as a start looking into companies)

  • Looking for an auditor to see which other companies they are auditing (e.g. 8k miles software has an auditor who is not auditing any of the other companies in our database).

  • On the financial statements, the idea is to be able to go quickly to the notes (this is not working 100% yet); so when one sees a particular number one can immediately drill down to the note/schedule to see what it is. I have found this tedious to do by opening the pdf and I have sometimes printed the pages to make this convenient). Again e.g. in 8k miles software one can see they have relatively large other current assets on their balance sheet and one can quickly find out this is due to unbilled revenue. Now doing a search for unbilled revenue in other software/services companies once can get a sense of if this number is quite high or low compared to others in the industry.

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1st point can be very helpful. Also, providing inter-connection can be of great help to retail investors as retail investors are not equipped to dig these info from sources.

If you can provide info about wrong-doing or info that can be a pointer of wrong doing, like you have mentioned about 8K Miles, that could be the biggest contribution to retail stock pickers and stock market for India.

I see, some times, experts point that promoters are taking very high salary or promoters raised salary by huge margin for small increase in profitability, etc. I, even after knowing that this is a point to check about promoters, find it tough to find and judge. But if screener can point out then it will be unique thing.

Insider Trading page:
You have pledge to select. It should be Pledge release and pledged. Pledge release is a positive sign whereas new pledge is a bad sign.

On insider trading page, Company name should come in column. Currently person name (promoter, etc) is coming only.

I got info that I can search a company and then other company related to that will also come on left side. As per example given on home page, I searched “piramal enterprise” and that also returned “Nahar Enterprise”. But then it has happened just due to “enterprise”. This does not make any sense and clutters the result page.

I think, first connection should be mentioned based on business type. If business is similar, and if you can match very closely then that will be advantageous.
2nd category, could be what you mentioned at the page. Auditors, investors, etc.
Currently, so many companies are coming as connected and we don’t know why. Connected companies are coming in big numbers.

The above facility is very interesting and useful if implemented.
How do I am supposed to do?
After some time, I realized that may be I can directly search like Google. and it was the answer.

I searched for “organic farming”. Number of search result came: 48400.
This number tells us that it is as good as nothing.

I tried “organic agro chemical” etc too. But that worked the same way.

I want to search for the companies whose major income comes from “Organic fertilizer”. For this, number of result is :48957.
In the result, companies mentioned are HCL, Wipro, Infosys, Engineers India, etc. I think, these all comapnies are of no use!

When, I used link on left on home page, then insider trading page has provided many other options to filter than when I use form on the home page.

Thanks for your inputs; I will look through your other posts also and reply one by one. For the search feature; two things will help you.

One is you can use a query such as “organic fertilizer”~5; this will give results where organic and fertilizer are within 5 words of each other. You have to include the quotes in the query. This gives me 124 results which is much more reasonable. You will still find some spurious results; e.g. Bajaj Electricals my guess is this might be due to some CSR activity.

Other option is to search for : +organic and +fertilizer which would give you documents (which contain organic and fertilizer.)

The default behaviour searches for documents which contain organic or fertilizer (just like google); although the documents that come at the top would contain both words.

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The filtering fields will appear based on the data; so in the first case there were 292 documents based on the query; and only 3 types of transactions were in those 292 documents (Disposal, Acquisition, Pledge). In the 2nd case when you clicked on the home page; that brings you to all insider transactions and hence you see a lot more filter options because that is what is present in the data.

For this you made sense. But I think, all can be present to avoid any doubt. and to present your point, you can assign “0” against them.

Again, this works best by using quotes in the query to avoid spurious matches. Can use ~ to have some leeway. Maybe we will change the default to be an AND sort of query on the words rather than an OR sort of query.

I think, when you reply to a question, then you can use quote. Select text and then you will see “Quote Reply”. That will make your reply more readable to all.

Thanks for the pointer, will do.

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Error on the link:[2017-04-01T00%3A00%3A00Z+TO+NOW]=on&fq%3Achange_value_f%3A[1000000.0+TO+*]=on

Bad Request
For request ‘GET /search?fq%3Atransaction_type_s%3AAcquisition=on&fq%3Atypename_s%3Abse_insider_trades=on&start=10&fq%3Atransaction_mode_s%3AMarket=on&fq%3Areported_dt%3A%5B2017-04-01T00%3A00%3A00Z+TO+NOW%5D=on&fq%3Achange_value_f%3A%5B1000000.0+TO+%2A%5D=on’ [Missing parameter: q]

This should be fixed now; I believe you got this error by looking for insider trades and then going to the next page this error should not happen now. The URL above itself will not work; but if you follow the steps from before it should work.

If you put some self explanatory video then that would be really useful. Looks good tool but currently difficult to perform all the operation you mentioned.