Alpha Analyst: Fundamental analysis of companies made simpler (feedback requested)

What tools/API are you using to parse/read and tag/label the PDF files.
are you using any open source API? Like PDF miner written in Python.Or you have developed in house?

If you could answer, it would be great help for my project.

We are using pdfbox to read; after that it is in house stuff.

Hi Kv1,

I really appreciate the tool you built. It is very hands-on and self explanatory to some extent.

Few feedback and I hope you take it in right spirit.

  1. Login seems to be an issue… Twitter link works perfectly though can’t say about the others
  2. Data refresh seems to be lagged… If required please monetize the website but refresh the data more frequently
  3. Filter menu… please bring date range at the top and do we really need company filter tab? makes it bit clunky


Thanks for your comments. Yes data refresh is a bit lagged, we will try and keep it once per day update (and more once we monetise). We are developing an alert mechanism after which we are planning to monetise. Right now we are planning alerts based on rules you can create to find transactions of specific investors, track insider buying/selling and to track keywords in announcements all of these across companies.

Login: Could you say what specific issues you had and we can address? Did you try to create a login and faced issue?

Will bring date to top and see if that works better…

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Hi Karthik,

The tool is really good and it is really paving way for Data mining tool and I am looking forward if you can incorporate your core expertise of speech recognition ,If you can crack the hidden treasures in the the CONCALLs .This can be challenging as well amusing to see you guys helping novice investor just like me .I extend my gratitude to Prasad’s efforts of data analytic .Only problem which I see is refresh rate is slow.

I love the feature " Companies with common auditors" the most.


hi, is that tool still active.

The link above is not reaching to a web page.

Please guide