Ahlcon Parenteral

Please add Positives/Negatives

CMP 360 Positives Negatives
Market Cap 259 cr Small Cap
P/E 43.69 Too High
EPS 8.24
Illiquid Stock
Book Value 57.36
Dividend yield 0.28
Promoter Holding 75 % Max Limit :-)

Foreign Promoter
What about Royalty ?

08 09 10 11 12
Sales 457.99 378.30 502.89 624.34 797.03
Operating Profit 135.55 75.49 149.57 118.47 143.29
Dividend % 15 15 15 15 10
EPS 8.44 3.07 9.87 5.89 6.87
Net Profit cr 6.13 2.26 7.16 4.29 5.00
NPM 13.30 5.94 14.16 6.86 6.20
debt/equity 0.69 0.49 0.32 0.70 0.47
Dec 11 March 12 June 12 Sep 12 Dec 12
Sales cr 19.91 18.03 25.37 24.89 27.72
Operating Profit 3.97 2.04 4.89 3.78 7.24
EPS 2.34 0.25 3.13 2.52 5.93
Net Profit 1.68 0.18 2.26 1.81 4.27

Promoter - B. Braun Singapore Pte Ltd

The stock is illiquid. Hence bid ask price will be high.

Is the P/E justified ?


Cmp = 360

150 ema = 352 ; 356 ema = 296

Disclosure - Waiting to enter.



Hi Mallikarjun,

I am giving my views as per technicals.

The stock is having good momentum and currently trading above 5, 25. 50, 200 EMA. One can see the recent cross over at 341. The RSI has not yet touched over bought limit.

As per Point n Figure charts the stock has strong support at 320 where it has made a triple extended bottoms ( See three O’s).

Currently the stock is in X column which shows that there are more buyers than sellers. It has also given a buy signal at 380 where the X column exceeded the two X’s at 370. Previously the stock met resistance repeatedly 4 times ( See quadruple top at 370) which it has now broken. The stock is above the bullish support line marked in blue. All this bodes well for the stock and it looks a strong stock. The next target will be 400-10 and then 440. If it manages to break this a new high will be created.

Await your feed back as well as from other technical experts.

Dear Tony

Thanku :slight_smile: for your lucid technical analysis. Your Point and Figure chart made it easy.

I just know about Ema’s. Learnt from Bala sir and Hemant sir.

Am not the right person for technical analysis :slight_smile:

Have posted the query about Ahlcon Parenteral to Bala/Hemant sir.

Waiting for their feedback



There is a book available on Point and Figures which i shared with a lot of guys on this site. If you want a copy do give me your email id and i will send it to you. For the past six months i am studying and implementing the learning from this book. I have benefited immensely and improved my timings of entry and exit and reaped good profits. Still continuing my studies on lot of other things mentioned in the book. I maintain a lot of charts manually and also the bullish percent which the book speaks about. Will write in the thread I initiated on this site.

Mail id - mallikarjun.1211@gmail.com

Tony, here is Bala sir’s reply —>look at the chart. very choppy. range bound. better to avaoid unless you are very confident on the fundamentals.

Tony, since shares are illiquid, bid/ask price will be high.

Are charts choppy due to low volumes ? Does liquidity impact the charts ?

Hi Tony, Please share the book with me, thanks in advance. My mail id: jagbir@jagbir.com

The charts are choppy because there is resistance at every rise and support at every fall. Traders are playing the stock.

thanku Tony :slight_smile:


May I also seek a copy of the book.


Thanks, in advance.


Please forward a copy to my id also


Thank you for showing so much interest in the book. It changed my thinking and understanding of Technical Analysis. I have sent the book to you Ramesh/Manish


Pls send me the book too… atul_sethia@rediffmail.com

Thanks in advance


please send a copy @ achinj at gmail dot com

The book has been sent to your mail box


You have started this thread but not mentioned the type of business the company is into nor you have mentioned the fundamental aspects of the company.

Sorry Manish… Will be carefull in future…I don’t have any specific company/industry insights…

The company manufactures intravenous fluids, eye drops, injections and other products.

The products are exported to over 70 countries. Mainly Russia, Africa, East Europe and South East Asia.

Last March B.Braun acquired upto 75% at 460/share. The stock has rallied from around 200 to 360.

B. Braun turnover was 4.609 Billion Euros in 2011.

( **Hemant sir has advised us to be very careful on this stock… Please go through his technical updates thread **).

Thanks a ton Tony.


**Just wanted to remind you of the basic requirements for starting a new thread. **

Thanku Manish :slight_smile:



Hi Tony,

Please send book to me also.My email id amit.btechit2007@gmail.com