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The Beat Ideas: Action Construction - A Bet on Manufacturing & Infrastructure Theme - Sudarshan Bhandari (

Themes of India: Construction Equipment Industry - Sudarshan Bhandari (

This is behind a paywall, so only for paid subscribers. But guess if articles start showing up, indirectly there is interest in Analyst community, lets hope its positive.


Updates for May Volumes in Vahan Registrations:

  • 873 for May month
  • Minor changes in VAHAN data for earlier months.
  • Seasonal trend + Election related slowdown (MoM) was obvious in Apr & May. YoY the numbers are better.
  • June will be crucial to see a pickup in volumes :crossed_fingers:


As Mr Agarwal has previously iterated that Monsoon months are lean period for them however the traction in Infra if continues then numbers would be slightly higher as compared to same months in previous year but don’t expect a big jump. Post monsoon activities will pick up pace so does the numbers for ACE.

Disc: Invested from covid lows.


With the government’s focus back on the agriculture sector and good monsoons, can we expect ACE’s agri division to benefit?


Conservative guidance debunked -


Delivered - 35% growth in revenue and 103% growth in PAT.


Deja vu? I believe the margins will shoot up by another 200 BPS easily, considering the fact that the capex on cranes and material handling is now complete there is no slowdown in the infra story of India whatsoever, and the CEV V norms.