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Opportunities in lesser known, or unheard of stocks, but there is something about them that stands out.

Maybe its worth looking into them and investigating more on the business?

Anyone who thinks they have a promising NEW stock idea - this is the place to post it!


I find one such idea Dai Ichi Karkaria Limited. There was coverage by HDFC Security in August 2014. the company is in speciality chemical business with very good prospect of JV with Nelco Champion. I have value pickr discussion which I started but could not update regularly.


Details from Manaksia Group web-site:

Manaksia Limited

Manaksia Limited is one of the newest ventures of Manaksia, a Calcutta based Engineering company listed company. We are presently working on the designs of 1. ADS , Air Defence Ship (Aircraft Carrier) , being built at Cochin Shipyard.2. Water Jet propelled Fast Attack Craft for gardenReach Shipbuilders and Engineers3. 12 Ton Bollard Pull Tug for Mauritus Port Trust.4. 80m Multipurpose barge. We have built a number of hull blocks for GardenReach to the exacting standards of Indian Navy, repaired a number of sea-going and river vessels and are presently building the above mentioned 80 m barge. Our design team, comprising of sixty engineers and draftsmen, is an excellent team, proficient in state of the art softwares like TRIBON .Each is an expert CAD technician.

Note: I do not understand the financials much. But, theme appears to be good, especially in view of present govt.'s focus on defence sector.


any one owning or tracking this Manaksia Ltd ?
seems they have far more cash compared to their market cap ?
not sure whats reason for such valuation given by Mr. Market so trying to find out more.

please share

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