About the Stock Story category

Structured 2-pager Wiki on favourite businesses created and maintained by the Community (on the lines of what we maintained during 2010-2015)

We will be reviving this important activity with a few stock stories created by Collaborators/Senior members. Once a few are in place, we will start enrolling volunteer editors.

Create-Edit rights will be assigned to StoryEditor group members. Anyone can apply.
Only prerequisite is the drive and abundance of enthusiasm to add value through structured learning activity at VP.


Hey Guys & Gals,
Greetings in the New Year!

As you might have noticed, the first addition in our promised new/current stock story segment is Shri Jagdamba, delivered beautifully by @rupaniamit. He assures us, this will be bolstered with more competition data points, in due course.

Currently by default all Collaborators are made part of the Story_Editor group. They can create/modify/add value to the story on an ongoing basis.

But as mentioned before, we look forward to more guys & gals putting their hands up for structured content at VP. As you will appreciate, by means of detailed work like this captured very crisply, anyone can come upto speed with what is known/knowable about the business in just 30-40 minutes of a good thorough read. IF you want to raise your hand, all you have to do is submit a crisp draft stock story for a business you like in the specified format. We will get others/seniors to add value/refine your work.
[Gotta be a serious effort though, we set high standards at VP]

Most times this spurs others to reach out to the original contributors and add-on their own insights into the business/industry landscape/positioning, industry scuttlebutt pointers, etc. So please do reach out to Amit Rupani (and other subsequent story creators) if you think you want to/can add valuable inputs.

[to reach out to any member, you can just right click on posters user icon, and drop in a private message if you like to concerned person for collaboration purposes]

No major requisites except for your enthusiasm/passion that you bring to understanding a business that you like, at a deeper level. Of course, we set high standards and folks interested are expected to step up.

Needless to say it is also a great learning opportunity for newbies and seniors alike, on any new business!! if you think you qualify and want to officially enrol on as a Story Editor (with stock story create/edit rights) please drop a line to the Moderators.