Yes bank

(Cshar) #390

All PSU banks are under PAC which will restrict them from lending untill government infuse further capital. Yes bank has only gray area in power sector exposure however due to high growth it will sustain net NPA figure. Find best in private banking space with current BV. CASA is improving every quarter.

(Yatharth) #391

Cheapest amongst the best ones. Risk Reward highest amongst private Banks.

(Vimal Dixit) #392

Yogesh…EPS of RBL is growing at faster rate when compared to Yes Bank… while I have both in portfolio, which one is more appealing for further Investments.IMHO RBL is at stage where Yes Bank was around10 years back.

on counter side RBL is expensive.

(Mahendra243) #393

Annual Report 17-18

Any Reason why ROE is on a continuous decline path?

(Nikhil Rodrigues) #394

In FY13 and FY14 Yes bank was leveraged and could not raise equity due to market conditions. FY15 onward, they raised funds and leverage came down. So did the ROE.

For a bank ROE is not very important. ROE is nothing but ROA * leverage. Your ROA should be good. Above 1.5 in Indian context is good. ROE of 16-18% over long term is fine.