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Yes they should hold on to the land. But if they find an interesting land parcel somewhere else they have the capacity to sell their current unutilized parcels and deploy that cash in buying large parcels somewhere else without taking a loan and create additional income streams. That should give investors confidence.

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The thing about amusement parks, and especially those that involve water, is that your area of operation is essentially limited to the lower part of Central India and South India. Buying land in any area where the winter temperature is on the lower side (low enough to not make frolicking in water a pleasant experience) means that the park can essentially write off one and a half quarters due to winter. This is why Wonderla’s options are restricted to the south, out of which it has covered the three largest cities - Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The focus now obviously has to be on tier-II towns, but that necessitates a comprehensive economic analysis.

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Even so, we have atleast 3 full fledged water parks in NCR in addition to the immense popularity of sub-urban resorts with swimming pool games and parties. Even on the NH to Chandigarh, I can count 3-4 water parks and then Chandigarh has 2 if I’m not mistaken. With the shorter winters in North, the period where people avoid water based activities is November to February, at best. Even in my residential complex, swimming pools will reopen on March 05 itself.

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True, but having followed the promoter commentary for a long time, I get a sense that the management is not very interested in regions that do not allow full year operations. I have no specific statement that I can point out, it is just my intangible assessment of the promoter’s intentions.

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I have visited Bangalore and Hyderabad Wonder la. Ticket price is expensive.

One of competitor(Jalavihar) in Hyderabad ticket price is 200 only and it is very much in city. Only difference is found Wonder la has more dry rides.

http://jalavihar.in/waterpark-gallery.html .

Disclaimer :Not invested . my views may be biased

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The issue was mentioned during the result con call. Wonder la favors hiked price hike as there was a complain that it is getting too crowded. I am unaware of Jalavihar but the prices are a reflection of experience that is offered. Can’t be compared likewise. Wonderla is trying hard to increase the non-ticket revenues and it will interesting to see how it pans out.

Disc: Not invested but tracking closely.


While not getting into the issue of Wonderla pricing, it is like comparing:

  1. Fares of 2A and 3A in trains
    Better experience since only 4 pax in a bay, reading lights, toilet occupancy indicator and curtains. Are these worth paying over 35% premium?

  2. Alto 800 and BMW 320
    "premium feel’, more cosmetic features and of course more power

Experience is paramount and Wonderla is taking steps like not charging for vehicle parking, limited premium ticket, RFID tag, etc…

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For every positive like these there are negatives also. He is also
spearheading a movement of killing street dogs in kerala.


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@hitesh2710 dear hitesh bhai,

Am i doing this right? I noticed a h & s pattern on the wonderla chart. high vol in LS , light vol on H and even less on RS with a break of the neckline. I am not a technical analyst and this is my first attempt. But i have an open mind and willingness to learn.

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Scorching summer heat across south india will help drive more footfalls

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the slope is too steep for a classical head and shoulders pattern. Plus as shown by you the volumes dip on breakdown. Ideal slope for a head and shoulders pattern should be horizontal or with a slight tilt upwards or downwards.The head should be distinctly above the two shoulders. Here it looks more like a channeled move. Maybe a probable breakdown from channel if at all.

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Thanks hitesh bhai for the inputs. I guess beginers like me see head and shoulder patterns everywhere we look!

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Discl: not invested

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Press release:


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While i dont understand why money needs to be spent in designing a new logo my only takeaway from the press release is “expand nationally” theme. Go goa and gujarat!

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