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I m not sure but is there a possibility that doing 3-4 different BTL campaigns can be better managed financially n impact wise through single ATL campaign in South India n hence the logo n theme song with a view for future as more cities will be covered . One major worry I see debt doubling at some point of time cdo. Initially proposed highest debt scenario by changing plan to open 2 parks in 5 years than 1 every 4 yrar. Disc : Invested n re-calculating impact of changes

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I would keep an eye out on the unutilized portion of the land they own. Amusement parks are story that is still unfolding in india. India with such a large tourism base fits in well with this story. With a lot of techies coming back to south india due to the h1b policies i think will form a nice little tailwind.

Also there is an ascending triangle that has formed in wonderla lately. Prices have yet to breakout upwards decisively. But if they do ( and thats a big if), get ready for a fireworks show!

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@bheeshma Yes, unutilized land and scope of cross-selling non-ticket items are two long term trigger to existing story. I think Jan-March being exam time and also based on business seasonality, not sure if technically break-out can happen now, but april-june being their best quarter due to summer vacation may have some good news along with normalizing hiring expenses, advertisement expenses and depreciation which may give a spike to profitability which could become complimentary reason for technical breakout. Just some thoughts.
By the way if i see this chart, a dozi formation on last 2 days and both dozi being on lower side of price ranges near a previous resistance point does not give me high hopes of this resistance being broken in this move. May be some more wait reqd and with april-june nos , plays out in next up move. lets us see :slight_smile:

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Startups with new business models in this space…Would be interesting to watch how this pans out

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I don’t think Arun Chittilappilly is involved in this but his father. I don’t have an opinion on this issue one way or another but I am not sure this is a negative. It doesn’t seem to be relevant to evaulate the quality of management.

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Agree. My comment was on the following link which was shared. How is this relevant? :

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For theme parks like Wonderla Holidays, shouldn’t it be easier to find real estate that is not at a premium as it can be for a residential project or other commercial projects (Assumption).

With theme parks, you can just go further away from prime locations as people will still get there (Assumption).

Also, any change in land use in surrounding areas can further increase, in the distant future perhaps, the value of the locations bought at low prices.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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From the article, it seems like he might have an influence in Wonderla being a majority family owned business. However it seems like he is more involved in the real estate development arm of the group. So, Arun is the one calling the shots in Wonderla?

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Does anyone know about the management philosophy of Arun Chittillapillly?

Looked up glassdoor.in but only has 3 reviews from the employees so nothing much of significance can be extrapolated from this sample size.

Customer Experience
Google reviews of all the wonderla resorts have good ratings between 4.2 (Hyderabad) and 4.5 (Bangalore). However, so does Imagica (4.4).

I have never visited any of these theme parks but have heard from family who have visited that it is neat compared to the small local theme parks. They felt safer with their kids as there were enough hands to make sure that the kids were attended to.


Doesn’t seem like Disney has any plans to enter India. Not sure, how it would affect them. Even if Disney does enter, will they only have one in India? Here are their current locations:

So, is it pretty safe to assume that Wonderla can be in several locations and reap the benefit of multiple locations? On the other hand, looking at the few locations that Disney has, can Wonderla scale?

Other prominent investors

  • ValueQuest (Sanjay Bakshi) - (not sure about the entry price)
  • Catamaran (Infosys’ Murthy) - Entry price of 386 (from Moneycontrol Bulk Deals)

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As www.Bajaar.me valuequest exited. I am not willing to believe this. :frowning:

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@atulgupta80 Have a look at shareholding pattern http://res.cloudinary.com/simplotel/image/upload/v1486641243/wonderla-amusement-parks-resort/SHP_-_Q3-_2016-17_mklh5r.pdf

I think valuequest holds 2%

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #138

just a technical view

wonderla is almost sure to test its previous high of 420 odd levels. We can expect a 5% - 6% jump from current levels. the prices are brash and aggressive they wont give up until they take a shot at 420. I am a long term believer in amusement parks. Being a father of two kids - i can vouch for the fun my kids have had at various parks. besides that - they hold prime real estate. Plus i think its a matter of time before they hit goa & gujarat.

here is the chart. its a triangle pattern with promise.

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Interesting. It (bajaar.me) shows that ValueQuest exited Wonderla Holidays on 18th April. Couldn’t find anything in the bulk deals section for the company at NSEINDIA. Only deal that comes up is the buy and sell of Catamaran and TVS Capital in 2016.

In MoneyControl, when I posted 5 days ago, under the Top Public ShareHolders both Catamaran and ValueQuest were showing with around 4.5 lakh shares and 11 Lakh shares respectively. Now, neither Catamaran nor ValueQuest is shown in this section. Have they both exited?

Lets wait and see if the latest data propagates to the various databases to give us an accurate picture. I would think ValueQuest would hold on to its investments for a longer period of time.

(Vimal) #140

@atulgupta80 It is more likely to be a data-entry error from BSE. Q4 holdings does not list any large shareholder and this roughly 12% fall is not reflected in the aggregate holding (bottom left graph in bajaar.me for the stock). Unfortunately it will be hard to confirm till the next quarterly holdings are published.

@newbie_007 The date (18th April) was around when the Q4 shareholding was posted on BSE’s website, and not the date of the actual transaction (if any).

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data is wrong check investor section .

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Surprising to see ValueQuest exit Wonderla Holidays within one quarter of purchase. Anything major to be concerned about?

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In this interview which is very recent prof says he hasn’t sold anything in last one to one and a half year. So it maybe he has trimmed it.
Not invested

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Still not clear whether sold or not

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This group (Rakesh JJ) having main aim of “Pump and Dump”. Don’t blindly follow it. Borrowed conviction is injurious to wealth​:joy::joy:

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As per the shareholding pattern filed by Wonderla Holidays with the NSE, the Valuequest India Moat Fund continues to hold 11,30,186 shares as of 31st March 2017
The Rakesh Jhunjhunwala website has updated the article