Wim plast

(rajeev shah) #42

Sorry, the management has postponed their meeting…will keep y’all updated .

)- HG

Boarders are requested to post Questions as I am likely to meet Management on 9th Feb, Saturday. Particular interest to me is their growth forecasts for Bubbleguard.

(Darshit) #43

Guys, any idea y it is down 20% volume of 32000 shrs…seems something fishy happening here!!!

(Chiranthan A R) #44

Any news on wim plast? It is down 20%.

(Hitesh Patel) #45

Cant find any reason for the abrupt fall.

Bought some today.

Promoter holding is non pledged, so that is one worry out of the way.

Maybe dolly khanna selling?smile

I think if there is no structural problem then at cmp it offers great entry point.

(HG) #46

Wow! Just by gut feel, I had trimmed 60% of my holding between 375-385 in the past few weeks. Even I cant find any news, so this might be a good opportunity to get back in. But will wait for the dust to settle…

(Ayush Mittal) #47

Me too bot some today and if there is no specific news then it seems to be a good entry price.



I contacted them.Today’s crash in price is noway related to company functioning.They told me every thing is normal.Simple answer they told me that some body want to book profits and they did’t segregate the volume that’s why crash in price.

We don’t know exact reason for today’s crash in price.May be margin calls of big investor triggered.But have to wait for next few days to know exact reason.

(Hitesh Patel) #49

just to put things in perspective, I am putting figures of the company to demonstrate its growth. I had this one on my radar but was wanting to buy at attractive price. When price became extremely attractive my initial reaction on knowing about down circuit was to ponder the reason. And guess whether this was noise or something more serious related to the company. Ultimately I thought that it was some margin call or some big investor selling. Biggest thing worrying about such steep falls is pledging (here it is not there) or involvement of some tainted operator. (again price rise seems to be in line with fundamentals)

Coming to figures,

year 07 08 09 10 11 12 9M fy13

sales 55 72 94 134 168 201 209

NP 1.7 3 8 17 18 22 27.8

1, So here is a company which has shown consistent growth in sales and profits

2). Practically without any debt

3). Which has completed its expansions recently to get a pan India presence

4). Which has a well recognised brand in cello and operates in plastic products like plastic furniture and bubbleguard and other packing materials

5). Where promoters hold 74% stake with no pledge

6). Which has increased dividends over the years

7). Which has good return ratios

8). And is available at very attractive valuations of around 6 times ttm eps.

Considering the above pros, the only question that needed to be asked was whether there was any structural problem with the company or is there any operator involved?

I consider risk reward favorable.

Market seems to be in a panic mode and how long this lasts and who will be next in line is a question that is difficult to answer. One thing we know is that panic is a transitory phase and usually doesnt last too long.

Lets see how things pan out.

(RsKm) #50

Promoter Pradeep R Rathod was named along with dangi in price manipulation a few years back. Dont know if that has anything to do?

Cebbco too fell similarly without any reason and continued to fall. No apparent reason does not mean the stock will not fall further.

(Raj) #51

I got the below link while googling

One need to be careful looking at the history of promoter.

(Hitesh Patel) #52

Looks like a very old link.

And is that the same as the guy who is the promoter of wim plast? bcos wim plast is not mentioned in common with pradeep rathod in the manipulation of akruti city stock manipulation.

(Raj) #53


Look for the shareholding pattern. He holds 9.58% in wimplast.

This guy seems to be heading Cello pens…there seems to be some common links but nothing which I could find so far.

(Pratyush Mittal) #54

Pradeep Rathod’s connection in Sanjay Dangi case has been mentioned here:http://www.sebi.gov.in/cmorder/sanjaydangi.pdf

(Hitesh Patel) #55

I think every investor should these days start his stock research by putting up a thesis on sanjay dangi. You never know when and where his name will crop up next.

(HG) #56

The connection has been known for a long time. The stock made its steady rise from 150 to 400 levels in the time period after the news was out. Not sure how much impact the old news had on the fall yesterday.

(Hitesh Patel) #57

Stock seems to be steady today after initial jitters.

(P Sharma) #58

Have a look at this article connecting Sanjay Danghi with the melt down in some of the mid cap stocks. This is from Feb this year.

The link above from Pratyush clearly links Sanjay Danghi with Pankaj Rathod and Sangeeta Rathod who together hold over 12% in Wimplast.

I hope that Wimplast will not go the way of the other midcap stocks where Sanjay Danghi was allegedly involved.

(Arun Shah) #59

One more thing to note is dividend yield.

Last year the company declared 60% dividend. At current prices, the yield is close to 2%. This may provide cushion to downside (assuming Mr market believes that the company can deliver same or better dividend this year).

(Hitesh Patel) #60

Stock up around 13% today. It would create a lot of fun and games in short term if someone sold short yesterday and got trapped. Auction in such illiquid scrips can create odd situations.

Personally I think this dangi dagger has been overused by bear cartels.

(Excel Monkey) #61

looking at the volume this one does not look like an operator game. looks more like a margin call or a desperate sale kind of issue exacerbated by a nervous market.