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I just joined. Read your query. Very APT. Generally it is seen people talking about multi-baggers WHEN THEY HAD already BAGGED!!
Retrospection no good.
By the way, have you received any response to your query as yet!?

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Without getting being philosophical let me try to help you if I can. My attempt to answer is around your query…

It’s not necessary who writes good are good investors, some are and some don’t make the cut. People write well because they like to, they associate pleasure with act of writing. A great example is a number of Trading Coaches have educated billionaire traders but seldom traded by themselves. It doesn’t mean they cant trade, it’s just they love to coach.

Being an investment entrepreneur as you have put across also to do with an act where you derive pleasure, very little to do with financial security and future. Same way millions and billions end up having full time employment career enjoying their jobs and life. They never became Buffett! Had they jumped to act of investment dreamt of becoming Buffett would have actually backfired. In reality Warren Buffett (not the person alone) is a culmination of sequential acts with single minded objective. Imagine a 10 year old Buffett was picking up race tickets to see in case they are not expired. Had he not been 72 Billion worth today, he would have been doing something similar to speculation, investing or associate acts what is he doing now.

Coming back to your financial security question depends a lot on your lifestyle than income. Most scandalous bankruptcy happened due to lavishing lifestyle than income.

To summarise yes you can dream of becoming an investor (full time) anytime anywhere. But make sure you love the work of investment. Money or financial security is outcome of plan, not a plan to achieve objective.

But again loving and doing an act of investment is a significant step which requires enormous self less efforts. It’s not necessary for everyone to achieve financial security through investing.

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I would suggest you to read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

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That is a wonderful idea. every post accompanied by the mr market price at that moment or of the opening price, trading range and closing price for the day. If possible it should also be able to keep up with splits, bonuses and if possible dividends.
@admins @Donald @hitesh2710 @ayushmit. This will take the product where it becomes comprehensive and then we can all contribute to make it better from there. A one stop shop for “all info” and then no need to browse 5 places to complete the pieces of each puzzle.
Also, a voluntary financial contribution to make this more fair, people who can contribute, use the contribute option; for others, not even a pressure to contribute. A wikipedia type sincere effort for those can support it.

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Thank you. Its an excellent forum.

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Ahhh… A fantastic learning forum. Thanks to the team

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Thank you. It’s a nice compilation of information. Thanks to the team.

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Hi. First of all, thank you all for adding me to this amazing forum. I will try to contribute as much as possible and share my knowledge & experience. Thank you!


Abhishek ji…welcome
do you recognized me ?

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Yes. Hello Rama Murthy Sir.

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Is startimg a new thread on a stock allowed when there is another thread already?
I want to present orient bell with a new approach and the current thread is old and is inactive with mo updated info…

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Hi Admin,
I am trying to login to site but when I click on signin button on upper left corner…I always get database connection error.

Is there anything changed? Or any other way to login.

Not sure what I am missing on this. Are there any other member faced the same problem?


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Thanks for adding me to the forum. This seems to be a great place to learn.