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(Ashish) #81

@Vivek_6954, your views on new Alkem and Lal PathLabs IPO?

Lal seems to be higher side in terms of valuation whereas Alkem looks to step-up slowly in next few years

(Vivek Gautam) #82

A small presentation on my investment journey for VPers perusal & comments.

Investment Journey Learning & Thesis.pdf (834.7 KB)

(Raghav) #83

Wow - what a journey & what a candid disclosure of your approach!
Much appreciated for sharing your journey so candidly. This is a gem in itself.
it takes some time in the markets to understand that you have to be brutally clear on certain things and your presentation highlights just that!

“My portfolio looked like a zoo!” :joy: - never thought of a portfolio that way before.
to think of it, i see that my own portfolio looks like one even today
some are sprinting cheetahs, some monkeys jumping up and down & a few lazy laggard hippos!

(BreakingBad01) #84

Great advice in the presentation. I enjoyed reading it twice.

(Raj) #85

Thanks Vivek for sharing your journey in a candid manner. I can relate to mistakes very easily :smile:

(sunnysachdeva) #86

Thanks Vivek for sharing your journey. Its a helpful insight for someone like me who has just started to learn the process

(Santosh Sinha) #87

Thanks @Vivek_6954 for sharing, so much to learn from, Congrats for a successful investing journey.
Wishing you eben higher compounding rate at higher bases.


(Sridhar) #88

Thanks Vivek for sharing this… lot to learn from…

(chirag jain) #89


Awesome presentation and great master piece for learning and insights.


Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and experience


Thanks @Vivek_6954 for sharing your investment Journey. Very useful and lot to learn.

(Chitresh Lunawat) #91

Thanks Vivek for sharing :slight_smile:

(Vivek Gautam) #92

I have cleared most of my leverage yesterday after a long time.Seems 2016 may be a tough year for earnings to increase and one has to be very stock specific.

Will use leverage selectively only for short term opportunities in quality IPOs & OFS .

Are there any good tax free bonds opportunities coming up for parking some money of corpus in long term fixed income ? How are old tax free bonds in this respect & whats their yields viz a vis recent issuance from NHAI & IREDA? Views invited

(Rajendra Badoni) #93

Vivek very straight! Few have courage to laugh on themselves. Thanks and be my Mentor.


(JKS) #94

wow…@vivek_6954 if you too think about fixed income instruments, especially after a day of hammering like today, I dread to think about rest of 2016 !! God save us !!

(Vivek Gautam) #95

Mine thinking for fixed incomes are for different reasons.Put a fixed amount into it for 15 years & forget.

(MG) #96

Hi Vivek,

Regarding tax free bonds, off-late there has been no clear trend in yields for the old issues - the market is illiquid and does not operate on rational terms at all times. Its a decent option for 30% tax bracket individuals to park only long term funds.

I believe central budget announced 40k Cr of tax-free bonds for this fiscal and only half or even less than that has hit the market till now. The yields for the same are linked to G-Sec and is therefore more probably will have a negative trajectory.

(Vivek Gautam) #97

Has the date for HUDCO tax free bonds been announced?

What has been the experience of investors who invested in the earlier tax free bonds?

(Vivek Gautam) #98

In current turbulent times its very comforting to read n listen to mentor of so may investors with huge experience and proven track record Ramesh Damani.

Speaks sense .

(Vivek Gautam) #99

Another Guru with a great track record Samir Arora.

(MG) #100


Haven’t heard about HUDCO yet. I’m not sure but this time govt. allowed only roads and power based organisations for tax free issuances - So people like HUDCO and NHB might not come. Btw, IREDA should fetch you equivalent of HUDCO - both being AA.

I invested in the first and third tax free issuance, the experience has been very good - as i booked 10-20% capital gains (apart from usual interest) across the various series and moved for better opportunities.

It is difficult to imagine such out-performance at current yields unless G-sec/repo rate goes down drastically.