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Vinati Organics

(Abhishek Basumallick) #292

I think we should not look at PAP at all. Vinati has been trying to get it right for many years now and have been consistently unsuccessful. Other than management coming and talking about it and spending 20crs in the pilot plant, nothing tangible has happened. So, let’s ignore it for now. If something good comes, even then it will take time to stabilize production and make it commercially available.

(Nirmalkumar jain ) #293

what I get to understand is they identified PAP in year 1998(correct me if I am wrong).

(arpitjain512) #294

Very nicely put about all the products, developments and achievements of Vinati organics in this link. Website looks good to search for other chemical companies as well :

(dprashant) #295

I don’t see any issue in coming 2-3 years as management is very clear that they will enter in to business segment where they can have 20-25 percent plus RoE.

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(gneop84) #296

Thanks for your feedback guys ! Much appreciated !

(Vishal Agrawal) #297

Links to recent management interviews