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Nothing planned as of now. I am busy a lot these days & rarely find free
time. We havent even conducted a small meet at starbucks which were
conducted fairly regularly. If anyone wants to take the lead, please do.

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Hello All,

I would like to thank the admin for re-opening the ValuePickr Pune thread.

My name is Kshitiz Gupta and I am planning to organize an investors meet for Pune folks in the month of February 2018.

  • This will be a paid seminar since the venue would be MCCIA,SB Road,Pune. (In case anybody can know of a free venue (school / college) with a decent seating capacity and projector then please do PM me.)

  • I have still not finalized on the dates and the speakers.

  • If you are interested then please vote Yes or No in the below pollo that I can get an approximation of the count.

  • Also please vote for a topic that you would like to hear about.

Please note that I am not creating any whatsapp or google group as of now.

  • Yes, I would love to attend.
  • No, may be next time.

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  • Directions for 2018 (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Commodities and Cyclical Plays
  • Which Investment Strategy suits me ? (Value / Growth / Momentum etc.)
  • Stock Picking and Behavioral Finance
  • Mutual Funds vs Direct Equities

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(Rahul2015) #160

hi @kksshhiittiizz any update on the investors meet?

(Jiten Parmar) #161

If there is an event in Pune. Will be glad to share my experiences.

(nikhilv) #162

@jitenp - we would be glad to get in touch with you to arrange a meetup.

(unmesh) #163

Pune Investor Meet Announcment

Venue : The Royal Connaught Boat Club. 7/8, Boat Club Rd, Pune

Date : 28th April 2018

Time : 10 am sharp till about 3.30 pm

Venue fees : Rs 500 ( inclusive of lunch )

Speakers and topics

Deepak Nanda : Start ups and Angel investors.
Mayur Sampat : RSI / Gann
Vinit Bolinjkar : Textile Industry Picture.
Mandar Jamsandekar : Technicals
Chris Rodriguez : Stock idea

Kindly confirm your seat by paying Rs.500 to following Paytm Number

Seats are limited

Gautam Lunawat

(Rahul2015) #164

@unmesh_d any other mode of payment apart from Paytm?

(unmesh) #166

Update & some good changes

Dear friends

We have our much awaited Investors’ meet for you on Sat 28th April 2018. Pl find the details as below.

Venue : The Royal Connaught Boat Club, Pune

Date : 28th April 2018

Time : 10 am sharp

Venue fees : Rs 500 ( inclusive of lunch )

Speakers and topics

Key note speaker : 10am to 11am

Jiten Parmar on investor behaviour followed by audience Q&A.

Session will be moderated by Niteen Dharmawat

Tea break

11.15 am : Mayur Sampat : RSI

12 .15 pm : Mandar Jamsandekar : how to use Technicals for Value Investing.

1.15 pm lunch break

215 pm : Vinit Bolinjkar on textile industry

3 pm: Mr Jignesh Raval, CMD Sintercom will be addressing the investors about his company.

3.45 pm : Deepak Nanda : Start ups and Angel investors.

You may pay via Paytm to me on 9890324567 to reserve a seat.
Please send a private msg on the same number so that I can confirm the same.

warm regards

Gautam Lunawat

(Sharad Kamalkishorji Bhattad) #167

please add me for next meetup

(sainkar) #168

It’s around 6 months than last meeting.

Kindly let me know when the next meeting is going to be scheduled.

It’s good time to meet and share views considering current overpriced Index. We can hear some valuable views and lessons from the experts.

(manomagg3) #169

Hi All

shall we plan to meet on coming saturday or sunday for a coffee and discussion on possibilities in 2019 for investors

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #170

Those interested in meeting up can add their names in the google sheet so that we can get a sense of the interest/time etc


(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #171

Hi Guys

We are 16 people as per the excel sheet. That’s a good number. Have sent an email. Let take this ahead


(rkothuri) #172

I have added my name as well. Last time when I tried I was not able to access it. @bheeshma can you add me to the mail. Thanks.

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #173

Just so everyone is updated - we are meeting at 9.30 am Sat 19th at St Laurn. No agenda since 1st time. Lets see how it goes. People are free to walk in and join the group.


(BharatB) #174

I am interested to join for this meeting and will reach directly.