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(Sharad Kamalkishorji Bhattad) #303

Please add me for next meetup.

(dprashant) #304

Me too please.
Thanks in advance

(Adia) #305

Please add me for the next meeting! Thanks in advance!

(Shivan Sarvaiya) #306

Hello @andy161161. Please add me to the list for next meet. Would love to be part of this. Thank you.

(kapilgokharu) #307

I am also want to attend the next meet

(devenmehta2006) #308

Hi, I too am interesting in participating in this group! Please add me

(Abhishek Goenka) #309

Hi Andy,

I would like to be part of this meet. When is the next meetup planned ?

(lastgenesis) #310

Kindly add me for the next meet

(Ajit Agrawal) #311

Please count me in and intimate me on further meetings. Thanks

(Aditya Iyer) #312

Hi, count me in too for the next meetup.

(nirav565) #313

Please count me in and intimate me on further meetings. Thanks

(chetan12) #314

Hey, Even I wish to attend the Meetup. Please Count me in. Thanks

(Anandh) #315

Hi All,
There has been a long hiatus due to professional commitments and the difficulty of good content. We do have smaller group meetups now and then but this is a group of ~10 people. Please contact me via the below mediums on/before 16 Dec 2018 1pm to be part of the next meetup planned on 30 Dec 2018 (broadly) and/or Jan-19 early week.

  1. Inbox me on Valuepickr with your brief introduction covering
    education, work and investing style, along with links to blogs/twitter handles if investing related, as also why you prefer in person meeting versus reading the presentations posted. Those who can share a concise(5-7 slides) yet incisive stock idea thesis would be preferred. Our indicative next theme is ‘Disruptive Innovation’(eg pollution, fintech) so ideas around that is fine too.

  2. Drop me an email at andy161161 at gmail dot com with the subject ‘Value Investors Mumbai meetup-Self Nomination’ with the information mentioned in #1

  3. Whatsapp me on my number 7506342***(the last 3 digits is 251)
    _Depending on your info, I will extend you an invite to the bigger group or the smaller group invites. Please expect to pay usually 200-300 for a 4hr meetup, or 0-300 for the in person one, to cover meeting contribution cost
    Comments in this thread are NOT requested and will be ignored

(Anandh) #316

The meeting registration link for this Saturday

(HR) #317

Is any meeting planned? If not, can we plan one?