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any recording available

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July 2018 Presentations below.
IEX by Ravi.
Apollo hospitals by Saurabh.
Everest industries by Nilabja


IEX.pptx (1.5 MB)
Everest-VP presentation.pdf (1.4 MB)
Apollo Hospitals (3).xlsx (268.5 KB)
Apollo Valuation Sheet.xlsx (128.6 KB)

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Based in Bangalore, we are at an advantage insofar as companies based in Bangalore /Karnataka are concerned - scuttlebutt, meeting company execs, visiting facilities and getting a first hand view of the ecosystem. Can we consciously try and identify a few Bangalore /Karnataka based companies to start investigating? Biocon, Suprajit, Sonata, BEL, HAL, Kennametal, Shilpa ( well researched, but quoting here as an example), Sobha, Brigade etc

Same applies to other groups based in Delhi, Mumbai etc, using locational advantage to investigate companies close by always gives a deeper touch and feel perspective that no amount of PPTs and Concalls can match.

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That’s a good initiative @arunsg . Many of us are working professionals with responsibilities on weekdays but as a group we can distribute and collaborate. I would add 3 more Bangalore based companies Tata elxi, Ujjivan n Ador welding

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Thanks for the support, & to clarify, this suggestion is not really an initiative to do dig new or additional companies. This is a suggestion to let our location influence our choice of investigative targets. Instead of Tata Steel, one can investigate Tata Elxsi, instead of Bajaj Finance, look at Ujjivan. So the same busy working professionals can investigate company A instead of company B. Of course, there would be limited companies that are investment worthy in local area, but at least let us cover those before casting our sights far and wide.

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In the attached file for Everest Industries the best case scenario for forecasted EPS was 43.10.

The quarterly results are out and the best case scenario EPS would be easily achieved.

Diluted EPS in Q1 was 12.45
Dilted EPS in Q2 is 19.46

If I average q1 and q2 EPS it comes to around 16.
The full year EPS then comes out to be 64 and the PE based on an approximate current price of 480 comes out to be just 7.5

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Limited Seats available , if interested pls register here.

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@satishwe I am not able to open the link . It is showing page not found error. Please fix this issue as me n one of friend really wants to join this meetup.

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Sorry friends , we are full now, hence link is closed.

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August 2018 Presentations below.
Caplin point labs by Atul.
Reliance home finance by Bharath.
CaplinPoint-Presentation.pptx (69.2 KB)
reliance home finance presentation aug 2018.pdf (854.4 KB)

For the the below 2 presentations refer the respective threads.
Rain industries by Sunil.
Thyrocare by Vivek & Vikas.

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Limited Seats available , if interested pls register here.

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I am able to register and pay the amount with first link itself…I didn’t face any issues.

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Same Question and When will be next meet eagerly waiting to join

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Please send me a private message/DM.

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Registration link for October 21 meetup in Bangalore , Please read the month as October instead of September. Limited Seats !