(rvetri) #123

Vakrangee clarifies in a long half hour interview. Looks good on the face of it. There is no clear evidence of any wrong doing so far — just some gossips. If they come out of this clean - the buyers of the stock now will be the luckiest

(Mahendra243) #124

what you will except ? will anyone tell that i did a insider trading on face of it? he is not able to speak good english also and he is not even saying if they existed pc jewels…i think something is seriously wrongly here…even the edelweiss mid cap says they existed this fund in nick of time

(Value Seeker) #125

If the following is correct - then my gut instinct is that there is something seriously wrong here.

Key take away Exponential current revenue growth is due income from one time non-refundable deposit per new VK. More number of new VKs more revenue that Vakrangee claiming. Over a time, as VK getting mature real income will be from commission from matured VKs due to sell of services

(rvetri) #126

First - Refundable deposits cannot be claimed by any company as Income.
Second - Any franchisee based business is profitable for the same reason
that they are asset light and franchisees make the investment. That is why
all listed profitable franchisee based business are traded at high pe

(neil_loamas) #127

When I searched in Pune, wrong kendras were shown. I mean kendra name says some rajsthan village and location is shown in central pune.

(Gaurav Agarwal) #128

@neil_loamas Can you paste the screenshot of your search.


(atul1082) #129

I don,t find any comfort in management replies even though market cap is halved.mgt I avoiding answers

(Value Seeker) #130

I don’t understand your answer fully - so apologies if I misinterpreted. My concern was that the number of VK and the deposits are being proxied as a growth lever. Whether that growth is real or not and if it is adding value (or not) is the question. The driver (from a quality standpoint) should be the services provided/ repeat customers/ discrete revenues from that and not the number of VK’s. Using the YOY growth of VKs is not the right viewpoint to evaluate this business. Too many ways it can be manipulated or used for the wrong means…So unless that is clearly articulated and can be reviewed/ validated by accounting experts…it is a risky bet

(mehta.piyush44) #131

MD letter to shareholders

Vakrangee Limited - Media Release.pdf (412 KB)

(Growth_without Debt) #132

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE (franchise fees one time). Non-refundable deposit can be claimed as revenue. This is partially the amount is used to set up IT software, marketing materials, support by vakrangee marketing executives, etc. by Vakrangee for VK.

As per last con call …there is Que to get Franchises and also Que of Businesses who want to roll-out services through VKs !!

(Growth_without Debt) #133

Guys get ready for firing questions ! Let expose Promoters if they are doing wrong or build confidence in investor who already invested !!

Vakrangee arranging con call through renowned brokerage firm “Maybank Kim Eng” similarly done during Q2 and Q3 result through Maybank Kim Egn.

Hope, they will post con call calling numbers tomorrow

What I see positive point: management is not hiding but trying to justify what they do (right or wrong!!)

(bharat.jain) #134

He did not say in the interview that he will file a defamation suit against Mumbai mirror for the false report. Did he

(suhagpatel) #135

Vakrangee says they will offload stake in PC Jewelers by end of this quarter. If i remember correctly, they bought the stake recently. Why this hurry to offload if everything was done in a transparent and right manner?


(Vijay) #136

He said he acknowledges the mistake to invest in equity !


Varangee has opened at the low circuit today. A few of the boarders have been saying positive things about Varangee. It would be interesting to see if they are buying it today, in case they would like to share it. This would be a neat mini-experiment in investor psychology. :smile:

(Alokpratap Singh) #138

I think one should wait and watch. The stock may fall to such levels where it will be an easy bargain not to be missed by anybody. The recent bear trends worldwide may also contribute to the stock’s demise.
A buying opportunity may come when global turmoil ends.
For now just wait and watch.

(Gaurav Agarwal) #139

All those planning to invest must visit Vakrangee Kendra in their local area first. You can find the full search-able list of kendras on their website.

(atul1082) #140

And post their observations n the website

(sameer_patel18in) #141

Management keep telling positive things but why investors not trusting them ?? they keep selling … Mostly such selling pressure not found if its only rumour based. They keep telling that they have paid 1000 crore tax and blah blah… Lets see where the LC stops :slight_smile:

Disc : very little investment in script

(neil_loamas) #142

All those planning to invest must visit Vakrangee Kendra in their local area first. You can find the full search-able list of kendras on their website.

Yes. That is what I am gonna do first.