V-Mart Retail Ltd

(Amit Mehta) #162

Stock is up ~15% today and has gained ~80% since January. D-Mart IPO has created a lot of wealth for the whole retail market

(sagararya) #163

I really like this story. I think the management is quite transparent and they know what they are doing. They have the best return ratios in the industry. Below is the write up. Posted this last year.

(rvetri) #164


The promoter sold 1.50 lakhs of shares in second half of Feb 17,
immediately after a blockbuster Q3 result. That does not give a comfortable
feeling…When they do very well in a Q after several bad Qs, why sell your
shares in open market…Be watchful…Stock may still do well.

(Growth_without Debt) #166

Surprise to see your confidence !! 2-3X return in 1-2 years from 1000. Sometime being too optimistic could cost a lot !!

(Satya Prakash) #169

Yes, you are right that being strongly optimistic can harm you in stock market. But you need to build confidence to stay invested. Money comes from that optimism, if proved right. Many times, I come here to read more to build optimism.

I am still positive even after your caution. Lets see.

(Amit Mehta) #170

Excellent results by V-Mart

  • same store sales growth - 23%

  • Revenue up 39% qoq

  • EBITDA up 107% qoq

  • NP up 139% qoq

  • Quarter saw longer marriage season and preponement of Eid festivities

  • opened 8 new stores during the quarter

  • Focused marketing

  • reduced inventory by 15 days

  • focusing to increase contribution of private label

(niks) #171

Excellent company, almost debt free, but ran up so fast in such a small time… my entry price is 480 and now its already 1700. how to deal with the urge of selling, as i like the company and they are doing extremely well but current valuation are not justified.

(Ravindra Mutyala) #172

Promoters sold huge stake in the company

That was nearly 41.4% stake out of 54.4%

How could they sell this much huge stake without significant fall in Share Price?

Disclosure: Not Invested

(Rahul Girish Shah) #173

May be internal transfer among themselves, to take advantage of exemption from ltcg

But did they filed advance intimation with exchange?


રાહુલ ગિરીશ શાહ
Rahul Girish Shah

(Ravindra Mutyala) #174

Ya, Looks likes so…

(Darkwanderer79) #175

Ayudhmann n Bhumi roped in as brand ambassadors

(Ravindra Mutyala) #176

As per BSE,
Promoter holding down from 54.4% to 12.73%

(Devang) #177

What just happened today? Any news?

(HG) #178

If you compare the SHP from Dec 2017 with the Mar 2018 one, IIFL Wealth went from 0 to 41 odd %. Clearing members also hold 41 odd percent. Is that normal?

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Top class data in this annual report for anybody want to study Indian consumption theme

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The stock is in a downwards spiral after being named in ASM…any other factor contributing to this downtrend???