Uniply - Bet on new mgmt. bringing scale, brand & operating efficiency + GST

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Thanks for clarifying. Also another gentleman Arvind Khattar bought in bulk deal a day prior.

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Yes He bought 8L shares

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He is younger brother of Satpal Khattar.

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I thought there would be some linkage since he too is based out of Singapore. Thanks for clarifying.

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Following is a brief summary from latest annual report:
Topline grew by almost 100% yoy. 2018 revenue 403 cr vs 230 cr in fy 2017.
As of June 2018, Company has order book or 600+ cr from affordable housing segment.
In long run, company expects to have 75% revenue from affordable housing
By 2022 company expects to clock 2000 cr in topline.
All segment except the subsidiary plywood did well in fy 2018. Plywood expected to do will in 2019 as operational efficiency kicks in.

Disc - I am invested heavily and is part of my long term core portfolio. IMHO Company is available at attractive valuations with current Mcap of 930 cr and 2019 topline alone will be in tune of 900 cr. So it’s available at one time sales.