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Tiger logistics is growing but its cumulative FCF and FCF in FY17 is
negative …This cannot sustain this way…On top of such performance, this
salary raise is not justified…Negative FCF growing year after year is
not a good sign at all…

Disc…watching for investment if and only if FCF turns positive and

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Mckinsey Insights on Transforming urban delivery

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Hi all,

i have found one Old video of Mr. Harpeeth Singh with NDTV exaplaining of Growth plans and Requirement of CAPEX in coming years. Please ignore if any one have seen this before. Find below link.

Can any one have idea on latest AGM and why the remuneration of Mr.Harpith Singh Has been increased. Share views.

Disclaimer : invested

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Please find the AGM meeting link of TGL Below.


  1. Increased renumeration of Mr. Harpeeth Singh
  2. Increased renumeration of Mrs. Benu malhotra

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This increased renumeration may have two different views

  1. may be bad as all are thinking
  2. maybe good as directors maybe confident about future growth
    Comments invited

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Then directors can wait for future growth to come. Why hurry. Ultimately, standards are equal to all company n governance standards would be compared


In what way does huge increase of self-remuneration indicate any confidence in the future growth of the company? They have to risk something(for example, acquiring shares at market price or allotting themselves preferential shares at current market price or more) to indicate that confidence in the future growth of the company. Instead what they have done is that they have simply paid themselves way more money disproportionate to the corresponding growth in revenue and profits without any personal risks whatsoever.

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The promoters of an otherwise good business doing well and expected to do well in the future, should be able to balance the interests of the small shareholder with their own & ideally both the interests should be aligned

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Why not to buy this high risk small cap in two lines:
Below two stocks are heavily dependent on India’s export/import growth.

Tiger logistics: past 3yr growth 25%, Profit margins 5%, ROE 20, PE 20
Adani ports: past 3yr growth 25%, Profit margins 40%, ROE 25, PE 25

When a large cap with similar prospects is available at same valuation with much lower risk profile, why would anyone be interested in Tiger logistics. Beside Tiger belongs to the grop of stocks I call “Modi election mania”. These stocks rose 10 times, 20 times 100 times, in a period from May 2014 to 2015 without any significant change in fundamentals. Since then, they have been range bound for obvious reason, and this include Tiger logistics.
In 2014 at 20 crore Mcap no one gave a shit about this company and now at 200 crore everyone is painting a great future ahead! Another big recession and everyone will forget this Tiger story for good.

(Ravindra Mutyala) #70

I think above is not possible because Management is already holding 73%+ equity so they can’t allot or acquire further. In my opinion management could choose dividend route which will benefit minority share holders as well. (though dividend distribution tax is there still its beneficial compared to 30% rate of income tax)

Though the macro factors are same for both, their business model, asset turnovers, debt ratios are completely different and hence not comparable.

Company profit increase from 3.9Cr in 2014 to 10.3Cr in 2017 without improvement in fundamentals ???
Note: (no increase in debt this period)

Again look at the increase in profits…

Whats worrying me more is not the increase in promoters salary but this.

(Gaurav Singh) #71

I attended the AGM. It was rather disappointing.
There some people who had come with view of disrupting the meeting and were shouting at the management. Do not know why.
Management it seemed had some idea that something like was going to happen. So they had a few bouncers around. Q&A did not seem feasible idea.

Disclosure : Invested a small portion

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Hi GSingh,
Thank you for bringing this to the forum’s notice. What exactly was the issue over which there were arguments? Were the questions handled unprofessionally by the management? The results so far seem OK. Interesting to see how the results will be for Q2. In the Annual Report, Harpreeth has reiterated that management is committed for 15 to 20% growth. Higher renumeration which the management have gotten recently could be OK if it is followed by good results.

Disclosure: Invested.

(Gaurav Singh) #73

Hi Dinesh,

There was no issue related AGM. Some guys had come pre planned. They started shouting as soon they entered the hall. May be some personal issues. May be disgruntled ex employees or service providers. No issue related to AGM. There was so much shouting that it was not possible to conduct Q&A.


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Dear @GSingh

If you don’t mind, may I know your first name?


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These guys that are being talked about here who caused disruption,are not ex-employees. if you were to attend small cap companies’s AGM in Delhi, you would find the same set of guys involved in disruptive acts. they are mostly there to get some money from the mgmt. they were there in CSL finance AGM as well. I attended Tiger’s AGM with Vikrant.
We intact ran after Harpreet Malhotra, and asked hime to answer a couple of queries since he was available but he non-chalantly refused to answer and asked us to mail the queries to secretary. It was extremely rude as far as i am concerned. However this has no relation with mgmt business acumen and execution abilities.

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It does have relation with how he treats shareholders though, and possibly how he will treat them in the future. Once this basic attitude is established, one never knows how far the management will go to pretend that shareholders do not exist.

(dvdinesh) #77

Thank you for the replies. For me it is a concern but not a grave concern right now - will wait to see the results of all quarters of FY18. If results are bad in addition to bad attitude, then I will not hesitate to exit.

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To each his own i guess. But yeah as far as shareholders communication is concerned , they score a big zero.

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There was a huge upside in Tiger logistics yesterday and today, any specific reason, I dont see any corporate news on the bse website on this, any idea?

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Mahindra Logistics Comparision with Tiger Logistics