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Friends- you may be interested to know about this disruptive technology. Per the claims made, you can self-administer blood tests at home instead of visiting a lab. Anybody would like to venture an opinion on how it will affect Thyrocare?

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Old article from 2014, nothing much has changed in the world of laboratory medicine.

Google Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes - the very recent and the biggest scandal in the field of laboratory medicine and lot of people believed till the very abrupt end!

These devices are unnecessary for individuals since testing will be very infrequent. There are lot of small devices already being used for monitoring blood parameters by patients suffering chronic diseases such as diabetes (finger prick testing for sugar levels, INR testing for patients taking warfarin).

The biggest issues with such devices are lack of internal and external quality control (laboratories like thyrocare does internal and external quality control testing on machines on a daily basis to pick up system errors due to all sorts of reasons) and that they could malfunction.

So long long way to go before traditional laboratories are threatened by these devices in my view.

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2Q results not yet announced. Any reason for delay?

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Ind-As transformation. Sent email to the company secretary and that was their response. It will come before 14th December, however exact date is not out yet.


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Thanks for checking with them, I was expecting the same reason.

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No mention of Thyrocare and it is known thing. Every institution does that. Luckily Thyrocare is moving towards preventive healthcare

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Yoy Thyrocare delivered very good result

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There is something very off with the numbers. The Sept 2016 numbers reported last year are very different from what’s in the report this year.

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I think this happened just bcz of adopting of IND-AS.

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I just ordered tests for my entire family. Was a pretty smooth experience as far as the process was concerned. Booked tests at night, the guy visited for collecting samples in the morning and I received the reports on email the very next day.

Many medical practitioners on this thread seem to believe that SRL has the higher accuracy standards. Thyrocare the worst among the well known brands. Need to verify this

I was shocked to find my Vitamin D levels to be extremely low (deficient category). I am a regular consumer of milk, eggs and sunlight and so I am surprised that my Vitamin D was reported to be in the deficient category. I will get a Vitamin D test done via a local pathology lab and report my findings over here.

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Although company reported good results and Also has given plan for inorganic growth, market reacted negatively with price hitting 12 months low.
Is there any issue of growth reduction in near future?

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I have been getting tests done from Thyrocare for my entire family for last year or so. Also, had tests done at Max as part of health package from my company and found the results very consistent. For me as well, Vitamin D was quite low. There have been a few studies done which state that majority of Indians have Vitamin D deficiencies.

There seems to be significant improvement in the whole process of sample collection to reporting in last 1 year.

As the test prices are ridiculously low when compared to many other labs, there is some suspicion in both doctors and patients mind about the quality. I think, this is one area where Thyrocare need to take more trust building measures.

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In particular vegetarians from what I have been told. However if anyone is getting a verification, it would be good.

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"Impressively, your EBITDA margins in the second quarter have improved. What would you say has led to this and can this trajectory then continue in the next quarters as well?

The growth as well as EBITDA, both are having a great correlation. When you become aggressive, your EBITDA is eaten up by 2-3%; when you allow it to go to inorganic growth EBITDA improves and the growth at times suffers. We have ended this quarter with a better EBITDA than growth."

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Vitamin D is low due to lack of exposure to direct sunlight. When I got tested also, it was quite low. Our Doctor suggested best to take the vitamin D supplements.

There is growing evidence that Vitamin D and B12 in right range is more important than cholesterol for good heart.

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I also did a test (AAROGYAM 1.3) with Thyrocare and was really satisfied with the entire process and experience

— Online Booking with loyalty discounts for existing customer
— Pricing extremely affordable. (Way lower than the local labs)
— Home Blood Collection (quite professional experience) - Received Whatsapp, SMS messages and emails regularly updating about my appointment, the collector details. Got a call from the collector to finalize the timings. I found this entire process very well managed.
---- Report delivery in email in a day. As fast as it can get.

Overall excellent experience and i can only see more an more people adopting this if marketed well.

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The same has been experience of my friends and family members. Looks like market doesn’t like a high cash flow generating commodity type business with 20% growth.

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It jumped by 50% on listing over the IPO price and even at current levels, it is somewhat overvalued. However, I believe stock should do better from now on.

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A 20% grower with a huge runway of maybe 20 years or more, 40% ROCE, is trading at 45 PE in this Market. I don’t think this is expensive.