Thyrocare : Debt free Asset Light Healthcare Play

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I guess he means cumulative PAT of 3 years about 400 Cr

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Thanks for sharing this. Listened to it recently.

Others may find this podcast shares some additional insights especially with respect to Dr. Velumani thoughts about his children, their relationship and how he sees them taking forward the company.

One interesting comment that stood out for me was that, he doesn’t think twice about signing off on any investments into the biz, but he is very wary about signing off on expenditure without due diligence. Not a surprise but alleviates one’e concern about unused cash sitting on balance sheet.

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FY19 Q2 Results:


one more shoe drops for the market.

During IPO days : 30% growth CAGR is given.

After few quarters : 20-25% is achievable due to competition

Now - 5-10% growth has become reality. What will happen to high RoE when the competition further intensifies?

disc: no holding

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ThyrocarelaboratoriesLimited.pdf (1.2 MB)