Thirumalai Chemicals - A chemical Company

(Rajeev Jawahar) #43

The Thirumalai Express seems to be gathering steam & momentum as it marches ahead! It is heartening to note the improvement in the operating margins in each of its preceding few quarters. In an otherwise somewhat expensive market, Thirumalai is still available at near single digit multiple for 18-19.

The stock may have been about a three bagger in the last 6 months or so, but looks good for higher levels. Adding more at current levels.

(kris2727) #45

Yes, stock is still cheap and missed to add around 1700- 1800 in the correction due to lack of funds. Somehow i feel that Market is not ready to give a premium valuation even though results have been fantastic or is it already priced in?. Any insights?

(Mahendra243) #46

last week onwards crude is coming back to 60$ will it be good for these chemical companies?

Invested at high [email protected] and have 20 shares…