Sugar Cycles: 7-8 years of losses followed by 2-3 years of super gains!

(vishal kumar) #1066

As per latest shareholding Big names have increased their holdings in Dwarikesh:-

DOLLY KHANNA 1 274371 2,74,371 1.46 2,74,371 1.46 2,74,371
ANIL KUMAR GOEL 1 366000 3,66,000 1.94 3,66,000 1.94 3,66,000

(mahi) #1067

Would any one where i can get update on UpperGanges Demerger scheme? Or if anyone of you have it please share it.

(Mehnazfatima) #1068

After forming Bullish divergence on Monthly charts, when will the sugar price breaktout of therange bound movement…? Keep looking at these charts…may ne its sooner rather than later…

(Amit Sethia) #1069

Incase Sugar prices dont turnaround, Sugar mills can focus their energy one producing more ethanol, whose realisations are decent as well. Net net can this be assumed as an hedge against sugar prices ? @Mehnazfatima @CommonMan Would request ur thoughts.

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(Umang Joshi) #1071

Just read this in ET:

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(CommonMan) #1073

Very good article. Better days ahead, we can hope for structural changes.

(csteja) #1074

How do you convert Nasdaq sugar price to rupees ?
I see sugar quoting at $16.33 for 100 pounds from here
100 pound = 45.3 kg
Indian sugar is at ~ Rs.37/kg
1$ = 64.6

64.6*16.33/45.3 = Rs. 23 ??
What is the quantity/unit for Nasdaq features

(Raj A A) #1075

Sugar sector scrips once shunned by ace investors attracts them as the days passed… Dhampur sugar added one more ace investor with 1.1% stake as on 31st Mar 2017. With them, conviction increases with the longevity of this sugr rally.

(umang_1991) #1076

Sugar stocks including Balrampur and Dhampur are on fire…Where is Mehnaz???

(Dhananjay) #1077

More on new cane variety that’s helping UP based mills

(CommonMan) #1078

Hi, The current imported cost + refining cost of sugar is 33. Four rupees less than prevailing mill rate.
I do not have the exact cost break up.

(CommonMan) #1079

We have to look out for two factors which can sweeten this bull run.

  1. UP govt adopting a long term solution for cane pricing. From the looks of it, the current UP govt is capable and keen to do it.
  2. Heat wave , monsoon el nino impact.

(CommonMan) #1080

Who is the new investor ?

(Raj A A) #1081

Dolly Khanna has 7.86 Lacs shares (1.18%) as per Q4 SHP .

(Mehnazfatima) #1082

I am participating in the present rally through balrampur…

(CommonMan) #1083

Pragmatic. Good times ahead.

(Raj A A) #1084

There is an article in today’s edition of Business Standard under the caption…“Best may be behind for Sugar scrips”. I am unable to access the info. Can anybody have read the article…Pls share. Thanks

(CommonMan) #1085

Stock keeping limits have been extended for another 6 months. Govt wants to curb sugar prices…but its just further evidence that supply situation is very poor. There is a limit to the point until govt measures work.