Shilpa Medicare -Racing away on the Oncology API highway!

(Peabody) #451

Brilliantly explained Rudra.At a certain point capital protection takes over. Any new story will invariably go thru the same loop of excitement and disappointments. Management quality brings in steadiness and strength to stock price unless the underlying opportunity is hopeless.

(MONK88888) #453

Gentlemen -I have enjoyed value pickr analysis of Shilpa medicare over the last 2 years & I am a shareholder as well (have been holding for the last 3 years). I wanted to check whats their status of certificate from USFDA for Jadcherla plant. I am being advised that they have not received the certificate as yet.

(naishadh) #454

Hi Guys, Does anyone have any clarity on the future ANDA pipeline? What are they going to file? What is the status of the Biosimilars operations? Where are they building the Biosimilars plant? This company seems to be shrouded in Secrecy - maybe that is one of the reasons for their obscenely high valuation. Is the management afraid that if they come out with exact plans their multiple might get squished? Thoughts?

(naishadh) #455

What are the FTF opportunities that were spoken about in the Annual meeting? Does anyone know?

(Ananth) #456

I’am taking their ANDA approvals as a sign that plants are fully approved by FDA.

Meanwhile, for capacetabine, shilpa ties up with Rising pharma.

(MONK88888) #457

Thank you Sir. When they have projected CAPEX of 450 cr , how do you read dividend declaration. Should they not be conservative & plough their profits back instead of paying out.

(naishadh) #458

Hi Guys, What is the effect of the Dr Reddy FDA warning likely to be on Shilpa? Was gVidaza for Reddys coming from Duvvada?

(Saji John) #459

Shilpa board has authorized the Managing Director, Vishnukant C. Bhutada to identify and evaluate further opportunities and ideas for organic and inorganic growth including acquisitions in similar and adjacent businesses.

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Dharmavathi Vishnukant bought 14,34,090 shares at 619.70 & Manjulata Inanani sold 13,08,806. Bhutada family consolidating stake

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I can see more bulk deals on Bloomberg. It is clear that all Inani family members are selling the holdings to Bhutada & even positions from HUF is being sold to Bhutada (Just saw 3 bulk deals of aorund 135K each at 612). This is extremely positive. I guess the market is interpreting this volume as some big investor getting out. This is pure consolidation & treated as positive from holding point of view-I have holdings & could be biased. I also do a bit of charting-Elliot. I am a bit intrigued by the downmove. Ideally this move down from 785 to 640 should have been a A-B-C completion & should have gone higher but this down move indicates a possible levels of support around 584. Current & levels below 600 are good areas to add to positions. Please treat investment horizon as at least 5 years

(naishadh) #462

Why are the Inanis exiting? or is that not the case

(MONK88888) #463

I quickly checked all their bulk deals-they are back to pre Mar 29th levels. Does not make sense , all the shares that Inani sold have been reversed back-what is the reason for the bulk deals in the first place. The 29th & 30th Mar made sense where I observed that Bhutada was buying and Inani was selling & today they reversed all the buy’s

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Would appreciate if someone could throw light on what I perceive as block deals which did not translate into anything meaningful

(Krishna Rai) #465

The looping of shares among promoters happened in many other companies to avoid long term capital gain tax. Explicitly,the Finance Bill 2017 has proposed that from April 1, shares that promoters of companies have held from before October 1, 2004, where Securities Transaction Tax has not been paid, will not receive an exemption from long-term capital gains tax when
these shares are eventually sold. So, transferring the shares between promoter groups and paying the securities transaction tax on them secures the 11 per cent capital gains tax future exemption for these promoters.
Please read more detailed explanation here


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Some good news for Shilpa. As per a company filing with bourses the US FDA has issued an EIR for Shilpa’s API facility located at Raichur. As a reminder the facility was inspected between 12th and 16th December 2016, and some 483 observations were issued. Subsequently Shilpa had submitted corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plan to the USFDA within the stipulated timelines in response to the form 483 issued at the end of inspection. The US FDA has now reviewed the CAPA and has found them acceptable.

(naishadh) #467

Why did it take them so much time to inform the exchanges about the US FDA inspection and the 483s issued at the end of it?

(Ananth) #468

MAIA pharma one of shilpa JV gets ANDA approval for SODIUM PHENYLACETATE AND SODIUM BENZOATE.

Seems a niche product with only 3 competitors.
There are some articles pointing that it is an orphan drug which means there is some exclusivity.

As per this link, Ammonul was making 23$m a quarter in 2015.


Now 100% tax exemption from equity share is applicable if shares are held for minimum 1 year and STT was paid both on purchase price and sell price. In order to make their holdings tax exempt almost all promoters at selling and rebuying some stake.

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Just saw this Bloomberg news on Shilpa - RBI- FII’s/FPI’s can now invest 30-40% in Shilpa Medicare


This is here.