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Thanks @rajpanda for taking the pain of writing the detailed post and with this you have hit the nail on its head. Not allowing negative views could have disastrous consequences and it’s far better to have false alarms than no alarms in investing and in general.

The best one can do is to avoid/ignore negative views if one doesn’t agree. When one can do it so simply why to complicate it? :slight_smile:

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Yes its very high. I used to have a concentrated PF. I have made efforts to diversify it. But ,Its difficult to find replacements in this fully valued market. Plus how would I have big winners, if I sell off winners ? Its a trade of with risk management …one that I am willing to take for now.

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People have a more exaggerated emotional response to negative news. When a fund manager at sohn conference said Repco would be a 45X ,a claim that’s as huge as the tweet, there was no response either way.

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  1. Did the person we are discussing, post his views on VP ?
  2. Can VP and it’s boarders go around the whole world enforcing VP standards everywhere ?

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  1. Nope. Thanks for highlighting - will rephrase that so it doesn’t appear like it’s been posted on VP. However my point was people are trying to defend his views when he’s unequivocally wrong IMHO.
  2. Ofcourse not, again the point is to highlight that we should be balanced in the way we post on VP. We can’t have standards of only restricting positive exuberance but not manage it in the opposite direction.

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Guys my request would be put forward your prespective without having to tend to either personal remarks nor attacks!

Dear Moderators, Please pitch up, thread going off balance @Donald @ayushmit @ankitgupta.

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Let us take all views on board. Invert always invert!!

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CBI does not come into picture for small or petty cases, case is transferred to CBI only if the amount involved is huge or high profile VIP or politician involved.

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I will request everyone to focus back on the merits / demerits of the company and its business. The focus seems to be now on who has tweeted what and if that is right / wrong etc. Let’s talk about what has been disclosed as facts and not on someone’s opinion.


Disc: Was my largest holding but sold out early this year.

As much as shareholders we like the company. Any messenger of negative news should be more than welcome.

If you notice CBI has issued a press statement, clearly mentioning IPC sections and reason for the case and presence of incriminating documents. Looks like same customer was helped by twice when he was MD of Repco Bank and when he became MD of Repco Home Finance. The said company has been rotating the loan from Repco - City - Repco Home - IDBI. So prima facie, CBI has a case if they have found documents, which they claim.

Other issue is that even if nothing is found ultimately MD’s whole focus will shift in defending himself rather than running the company.

Note: Someone mentioned that CBI does not get involved in small cases. That is not true. For corruption cases, CBI anti-corruption cell does get involved in smallest cases if it comes under central government. Amount is immaterial in for corruption.

(Arun Shah) #516

Yes, it seems CBI gets involved even with small amount for PSU.

Check this case where CBI got involved for just Rs. 4000/-

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We call ourselves value investors and spam entire thread about some random guy’s tweet about an event that actually happened, isn’t it sarcastic? What exactly is the complain here, isn’t fall in price of a stock good for us, as it gave us opportunity to load up as much as we wish :stuck_out_tongue:

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If anybody has dug into the issue to validate the claims of the accused MD about the waivers being as per the standard procedure, Kindly post your findings.


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case under sections of various statutory provisions including the Prevention of Corruption Act against REPCO Housing Finance Managing Director Varadarajan and a few others. According to sources, the public servants allegedly favoured a company by waiving the penalty amount.

Searches have been conducted at various places in Chennai and Coimbatore.**The officials allegedly helped the borrowers by writing off the penalty amount relating to a loan account to the tune of Rs. 3.4 crore after the loan turned non-performing asset (NPA).**The CBI registered a case under Section 120 B r/w 420 of the IPC and Section 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act against Varadarajan and others.

(Praveen Balla) #522

This is the update posted to the Exchanges with the original CBI press
release from 10/10.

(amolk) #523

CBI has recovered incriminating documents…so what’s the truth?

(amolk) #524

T.S.Krishnamurthy is a chairman on Record board of directors.

Wikipedia comments -
Taruvai Subayya Krishnamurthy (born 1941) is a former Indian Revenue Service officer and was the Chief Election Commissioner (C.E.C) of India (February 2004 - May 2005).[1] His main assignment as C.E.C was to oversee the 2004 elections to the Lok Sabha. He was known for his integrity and a polite yet firm fist with which he handled all sensitive assignments throughout his career.

These comments made me believe that company is in good hands. I still hope MD is not proven guilty. I m sure T.N. will do everything he can to clean the mess.

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My views are - Repco is a well established HFC. We all had a rationale for investing in it. Now the current situation has created uncertainty. What has changed?
a. Is the company a fraud or are the books cooked? Is it a company wide phenomenon? No evidence to this effect.
b. If the MD and other accused are found guilty, how will the company be affected? How dependent Is the company on these guys for its success? Will company be able to overcome this problem? I think Repco has enough mgmt bandwidth to handle this scenario.
c. If MD and other accused are found not guilty, well then much ado about nothing, right?

Any other scenarios? I’m invested and am adding at technical support levels.

(nil_71) #526

Perception matters. But we need to see the actions they take. But surely the prompter they are in disclosing these things , better.

More important is why they waived off the money ? Do they have some sound process to do that ? Was board aware of that ? Was it disclosed to board ?

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Birla Sun Life asset management acquired 675K shares on Oct 10th 2016. Now they increased their share holding percentage from 4.092 to 5.17% of total shares of RHFL.