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RHFL is one of seven smallcap stocks where top MF schemes are chasing big money

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This is in August. That is why Market was scared that with so much exposure, it will be a huge loss of money in case of there is any wrongdoings

We need to see October data whether MFs are buying after 10th Oct. But I saw some saner voices who are usually crusaders against all forms of Crony Capitalism in Exchanges in twitter, and found they are not giving too much importance in this case . But keeping fingers crossed

In fact I went ahead and bought some after 10th Oct. Ultimately it is conviction that will help us to win and I don’t want to influence anybody’s opinion here

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Birla sunlife asset managements additional purchase was on Oct 10th. Now they own greater than 5% of shares.


Worst case analysis of REPCO CBI issue:

  1. Lets assume MD is guilty and there could be similar malpractices are being followed by other employees. Even if we assume this still overall NPA is in the historical range and in fact they are going down as a trend.So as such Repco’s NPAs are considering such malpractices, now if MD is found guilty then new successor will fix this and in turn NPAs should go down.

  2. Lets assume that only current MD is guilty and while other Sr officials are not corrupt. In this condition MD will be charged and will get replaced by a better one. Current MD’s wrongdoing is not a big amount to impact he overall financials. Repco would be forced to put a new MD who has a cleaner record so its good for the company.

I am unable to think of any other bad scenario than above so overall issue does not look too risky to me.


Very correct, I do not see a major issue except uncertainty due to potential leadership changes. The stock might remain volatile for months for sure. Mr. Varadrajan is no Steve Jobs and Repco is no Apple to make investors fret over top level changes. However, I do not think he needs to be sacked immediately. The event will help clean the company for the long run.

(Vishal Bharti) #533

I 100% agree. Isuue is only Vardrajan is guilty or not. There’s minimal probability of Repco’s fundamentals getting impacted. If at all, they can only get better . It could just be a short term hangover. I am excited about the upcoming results especially to see the cost of funds going down further(loan growth anyway should continue like in past, bad loans negligible as always in past).

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Investec has come up with a new report published on 14th Oct. Personally I am not a big fan of the research reports giving target price(and buy or sell calls) and to that point please don’t interpret that I am promoting or demoting any view. I use these reports to get data in accumulated format so that I could consume and model my view. Here is the link to the report

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Here is the new kid on the block - PNB Housing. Posting here because I believe that there is not a thread for PNB Housing yet and this news is relevant for HFCs (including but not limited to only RHFL)

EPS for FY 15-16: 27.58
Price band for IPO: 750-775
PE at higher end = 28.10
Loan book as on 31st March 2016= 27,177 crores
Last four years portfolio growth CAGR = 61.76%
Gross NPA as on 31st March 2016 = 0.27%

More information is available here


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Any idea how much will be the equity dilution and EPS after the dilution?


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Do we have any scheduled conference call to discuss on Q2 results etc? I did not see any announcement from RHFL.

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Result is not announced yet

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Nov 8th is the results & concall date

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November 8th right?

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Sorry you’re right, editing old post

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Yes tomorrow only. I am looking for conference call login details. Usually they will announce these details to stock exchanges one day prior. But did not find any such information. So checking on the same.


I am thinking will it not be embarrassing to defend themselves throughout the call? I think Repco concalls happen a day after results.

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Please share Concall details, if anybody got to

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FB33CFDB_772F_407E_84A9_6310E89DF5A9_160600.pdf (110.0 KB)


NPA has risen sharply from .92% to 1.31% - 80% in absolute term. Looks like LAP NPA has gone up for most of HFC except for players like HDFC.


Concall details in here -