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Standalone Q2 numbers -

Comparative revenue of the company, had the reported revenues in P&L stmt were shown net of excise duty.

Decent numbers. Though, with crude touching 65 today, RM price escalation impact will be there in Q3.

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Q3 2018 Results:

(mukul aggarwal) #255

Results look bad on the face. @j2eeprofession_ please let us know if you are aware of the factors behind the results to assess whether it is a temporary one-off performance or some structural issue.


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i think its ok kind of results…i dont worry about this company to be honest…this is one of the better small caps i have :slight_smile:

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Dividend from the overseas business is not part of this Q…which makes the big difference YOY… If that will be considered in the next Q, Q4 should be big.

(mukul aggarwal) #258

That’s what I was thinking why the dividend hasn’t come. Is it because of low earnings or some CAPEX plan or it is just postponed by one quarter.

Any information on this would be very helpful.


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Prima Dee-Lite Plastics Pvt

Is this camroon numbers? if yes, please give me a source of information


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Q4 results

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Guys, why there isn’t much growth since an year? Is it mentioned by management beforehand or oil prices acting as dampner