Prakash Industries Ltd. (Prakash)

(TheRishiK) #458

Apart from what you mentioned, few good points:

  1. Rebar prices are moving up recently as shown in graph (source: SunSirs). image

  2. More Importantly, PLEDGING has gone down considerably :star_struck:
    Pledging as % of Promoter’s holding:

  • June 2018 - 77.29%
  • Sep 2018 - 62.63%
  • Dec 2018 - 64.62%
  • Mar 2019 - 52.65%
  1. Now, Prakash will trade Ex pipe division tomorrow. Prakash pipes value unlocking is possible (opposite is equally true given the history of stocks like Omkar, sintex, etc.)

  2. As per the steel prices and demand, good results are expected. I think people are pricing in Peak of profit cycle. This, I believe, is good thing as a bad scenario is already priced in.

I believe that it is waiting for a bull run in market, then only it’ll run. If sentiments change, it can show good runup. This makes it a good stock to look at from 2-3 years perspective. The risk that I see that can tank the stock is if numbers are fake. If anyone sees other negatives that makes stock expensive at current valuation, views are invited.

Disclosure: Invested

(Amit Mehta) #459

What is the expected date of listing of Prakash Pipes?


(deepuji2008) #460

Prakash Pipes shares may be allotted much earlier and credited to demat with temporary ISIN but listing of same will take about 45-60 days in normal course.