POKARNA LTD ( Stock opportunities )

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(Samir Dattani) #514

At the same time RNAM is buying

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that is correct.but anybody aware why he is exiting when all optimistic reports about pokarna is coming and company available at low pe and having wonderful margins plus new capacity expansion upto 130 pct will start commencing from q1 of calender year 20

(Pratik--Patel9) #516

New capacity will come in stream after Q4 of FY20 from what I have read.

(axiskumar) #517

It seems three quarters sales growth losing here then

(Prasun Johari) #518

Could be for many reasons. Maybe he needs the money. Maybe he has found a better opportunity. Maybe he feels that the future for Pokarna is not that good. Our conviction should be based on our research and understanding.

Disclosure: invested in Pokarna

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ya.from feb or march next year new plant will start production.