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(Nikhil Goyal) #491

Thanks. Didnt realize that.

(Capsule91) #492

Quartz busimess continue the traction
Margins and topline in granite business has taken a hit, maybe the downcycle in leu of the oversupply in granite segment mainly from the brazilian and the chinese suppliers have flowed in, hopefully manageemnt can brief the outlook there in concall if heldā€¦ Another couple of quarters or maybe a few.more of watch required to see where the equilibrium happensā€¦

Meanwhile, duty on chinese exports of quartz is in discussion in the us councilā€¦

Imo, next 2 years would be a gestation period for the company in utilizing the new quartz capacity, getting somewhere with the granite business and managing debt levelsā€¦

Disclaimerā€¦ not invested, watching closely