POKARNA LTD ( Stock opportunities )

(Raao) #207

@Sagararya, how did you calculate EV/EBITDA as 6.4 ?

(sachit) #208

Hi @ganeshrpl, I think you’ve just taken standalone figures in your calculation

(v4value) #209

Very interesting article on US housing and tailwinds. Should help Pokarna.

(Raao) #210

Thank you Sachit for catching that. I recalculated using Mkt. Cap as 533.48 Crores:
Here are the updated #'s: ( all in Lac’s except the ratio’s ) -

(Bhavik) #211

Commodity plus Brand Play, and a remarkable turnaround is what drives Pokarna. Still not understanding management’s love for Stanza. Inspite of repeated losses and ill paced growth, this segment is kept within. Although it is not a significant contributor, unable to understand its existence along the granite business,

(v4value) #212

Pokarna Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has got the Listing Approval from National Stock Exchange of India Limited on July 04, 2016. The Equity Shares of the Company shall be listed and admitted to dealings on the said Exchange w.e.f July 07, 2016.

(v4value) #213

H, did anyone see yesterday’s scheduled interview with Mr. Chand on ET now. Cant find the video or transcript. Thanks.

(Sumit 2.5 C) #214

Isn’t the interview is on 7th July Thursday (i.e. Today) 10:40 a.m.?

(rvetri) #215

Hi friends, it was today. I watched it. There is nothing much and it was
very short. The MD informed that they wont give any forward looking
guidance. But will try to repeat the past growth rates

(Abhi) #216

Please take a look at Share Holding Pattern Changes for a surprise.

(Mahesh C) #217

Abhimanyu, I see Ashish Kacholia upped his stake by 1% more, what else did you notice?

(Abhi) #218

You are right. Nothing Crazy. Just added .9% to his already 5.73% holding. Couple that with so much data available in the public domain. I think we have a solid year of performance coming up. :slight_smile:

(hrfacebuk) #219

It is interesting to note that in Q4FY16 Pokarna registered a 4% increase (YoY as compared to Q4FY15) and 5% decrease (QoQ as compared to Q3FY16) in Quartz sales, whereas during the same period (Q4FY15 to Q4FY16) Indian Quartz exports to US rose by 150%.

Link to US imports data - http://www.stoneupdate.com/us-stone-imports/statwatch-monthly-report/1141-statwatch-first-quarter-16-foray

Capacity constraints faced by Pokarna might be one of the probable reasons for the above.

Kind Regards

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(Abhi) #220

Fantastic! I also want to bring to your attention that this 1Q2016 # is greater than shipments from all year 2014. Also, if you notice the numbers are for square feet and not dollar amounts. There may have been low value quartz products going through at a higher rate. But, if we figure this out in Dollar terms, we may be in for a very big surprise!

Btw, There are some technical nuances as to what qualifies as Quartz slabs. Also, I see everyone disclosing, I am heavily invested.

(kanvgarg123) #221

You are forgetting that US first quarter is 4th quarter for India. So that data was for Jan-March quarter.

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(hrfacebuk) #222

The comparison was between US Q1 and Indian Q4 itself.
It was just an observation and doesn’t imply anything as not much can be deduced from it or few things can be deduced but difficult to verify.

Discl- Invested.

(roysavio) #223

Will this ruling on customs duty increase on granite affect Pokarna?


This is positive to a certain extent since Chinese were dumping Granite despite India having massive reserves. But Pokarne used to import certain grades of granite for further processing and exports. Overall positive though.

(roysavio) #225

I thought it would be positive but was a little unsure given that Pokarna also imports a little stone.

(roysavio) #226

The quarterly results are out. On a consolidated basis I think the top-line is low because of lower Granite sales but Quartz seems to be high margin and giving the profits a good boost (in additional to a good YoY increase in topline as well). The apparel segment continues to be a drag.