PNB Housing Fin - Fast Growing HFC

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Do we smell something or shall we take it as right trading / investment opportunity for Carlyle?

First they wanted to sell their holdings when PNBHF was trading around 1500, now when the prices have corrected by approx 40%-45%, they wish to acquire more.

What should a retailer read from above actions? Even we wish to buy a stock when it corrects & becomes available at attractive valuation, is Carlyle`s act similar to a retailer? Again do they have long term view in the business or they just wish to but at current rate & sell it out around 1500?

(atul1082) #662

If I have understood it right, the interest to buy has been expressed after declaration of Q3 results which are good. Therefore IMHO , Carlyle finds the valuation attractive with scope for appreciation

(Julian) #663

Carlyle had withdrawn from the stake sale process a few months back, and had then indicated it’s interest to take controlling stake in PNB housing. Hence the present news is not surprising.

(hamed) #664

Any liquidity crunch noticed on ground or in disbursement ?

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They have disbursed more money in Q3 ( after the crisis ) compared to Q2.
So not expecting any such issues.

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