Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(madhusudan) #210

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush, i am new here but from first looks can say it will be an enriching experience to be with you guys and this site for a long time to come. \thanks again cheers

(Shobhan) #211

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush! Loving the platform, its a goldmine for newbies like me. Keep up the fantastic work.

(Raghav) #212

Hi @vml @pratyushmittal @ayushmit
this is just a suggestion about this platform and i’m taking liberty to post it on this thread.

off late I see that the amount of back and forth discussions/queries have increased a lot with more members joining in.
while this is definitely good, it also has a sideeffect of masking the really important posts in a thread.
have you thought of having a “signal view” vs a “signal+noise view”?
This would be like the inverse of “flagged posts”. something like admins or senior VPs would mark specific posts as “signal” or “noise” - posts which add value to the discussion and those that dont.
you could extend this voting to rest of the members based on the contribution history.

other users could then be able to choose a “signal view” or “normal view”(including all the noise) and get a filtered view.

just a thought that occured, let me know if there’s already something of this kind here!

thanks, raghav

(Abhishek shah) #213

A real nice suggestion raghav…this will reduce the number of threads to almost 3/4th or half In some cases like kitex…once again great suggestion…

(Pratyush Mittal) #214

There is a “top” tab option which workes exactly like that, based on the likes received on posts:

Top posts this month:

You can filter the period to show the top posts between it.

Hope that helps.

(Raghav) #215

thanks for the pointer pratyush.
I checked out what you suggested - but this looks like a mechanism of filtering the top threads, isnt it?
and my reference is to the content within the thread. Sorry, did i miss something here?

basically, I ran into this problem where i wanted to check some key posts in torrent pharma thread.
i found that the thread had grown quite long making it really hard to extract the key data - no, i’m not being lazy here! :smile:

thats when it occured to me that it’d be good to have a filtered view within a thread - like posts from VP team or subject matter experts (whetted by VP team) etc.
I see some warning messages from admins on other threads.
i think it’d be easier to highlight the “signal” than to eliminate the “noise” - which would make the admins job a bit more easier.


(Antson) #216

Thank everyone for making this site happen. Really nice user interface.

(Pratyush Mittal) #217

Oh, for that there is an option of “Summarize this topic”, available just under the very first post in the topic (screenshot below).

(gomramkar) #218

Thanks a lot for all the selfless service of all the great souls. This is a great service to the trading fraternity.

(Raghav) #219

wow !
this is just the thing i was looking for :grinning: - awesome!
i dont see this button on every thread - i’m assuming that this shows up only if VP team members have contributed on that thread - way too cool!

this feature together with the bookmarks makes things a whole lot easier.
will start looking around for more such hidden features & surprises! thanks pratyush :smiley:


(simanta) #220

I very much new and more importantly new to fundamentals of a complany . But unlike other sites it(site) looked different for me when I came across this site. Members comments on fundamentals which is not /or at all easily understood by me. But this site is motivating me. Thanks to those who did their best to bring this site upto this level.

(vyasln14) #221

Yeoman service rendered by the team.
My hearty congratulation and best wishes.
Immensely helpful particularly for novice investors.
Thanks a lot.

(Bull_Pravs) #222

Thank you very much guys… This is one of the best sites to learn financial investments. And you are the reason behind that. Keep up the good work.

(Sandeep) #223

A Great Bow to all people at ValuePickr who are collaborating to show novices like us the ‘Simple but not Easy’ way for immense wealth creating potential through selective Stock Picking in Indian markets. Special Thanks to your techies Vimal, Pratyush and others for executing this technological feat. Just stumbling on this community made me exclaim, Wow ! What a place to learn and collaborate with like minded people who are sharing selflessly.

May all of us help each other to become more Wealthy and Wise.

(Dazzled beginner) #224

Superb…kudos to vimal and pratyush…because of ur works and early contributors of vp forum…we are enjoying vp forum…for me this is like an alma mater… Learnt majority of stuff of investing from this forum…I acknowledge the fact that learning is a process that goes on till our last breath, but let me put it this way…if not for this forum i wud not hv mustered enough courage to invest in equities…leave alone picking the right stocks…WORDS are short , i cant really put it on paper as to how greatful i am for this forum…heart felt thank you for all the behind the screen guys who hv made this forum like an INSTITUTION FOR ME…

(SOHAN) #225

Hello sir.i am biggest fan of u please give us 2 or 3 screens which can be useful for new investors