Please congratulate our new Heroes!

(viswanath) #188

Thanks a lot Vimal and Pratyush for the great look and feel of valuepickr.

(annamalai m) #189

I have never seen such a feature rich forums. Thanks a lot Vimal, Pratyush and team for super cool user experience.

(Tolaha) #190

Was writing a post in the “Avanti Feeds” thread when midway, my system restarted. Loaded the browser again to find that the stuff I had written had been safely retrieved from the cache. Nice! :thumbsup:

(Shailesh P Agrawal) #191

Thank you Vimal. Would love to meet you someday.


Thank you Vimal and Pratyush for the great effort. The new version is truly a great improvement from the previous one.

(Aksh) #194

Congrats and Thanks a ton @vml, @pratyushmittal and the team VP for bringing this newely designed wonderful colloborative platform to much deserving VP Community. You Rock!

May the VP community, with this new featureful platform, rock as well!

(Santosh Sinha) #195

Great job @vml, @pratyushmittal and Donald, Now as we all are getting used to this new fomat, this is really superb, user friendly and fast.
I think VP is going to become the best community in India for long term value investing, with lots of trust and transparency with collaborative approach.
Congrats to entire TEAM !

(Ramakrishna) #196

Congratulations to Vimal and Pratyush ably led by Donald!!


(Vimal Dixit) #198

Vimal and Pratyush - appreciate it…very good value additive features therein,/Rgds

(MHS) #199

Vimal and Pratyush - Brilliant work, excellent value addition to VP.

(JKS) #200

I took my time to write this. Vimal and Pratyush. This is cutting edge indeed !!

(Yash Pal) #201

We all have to thank Donald and all the other members of the team who have been contributing their time and ideas to make this a great site; this is like cloudsourcing good ideas on stocks and stock market.

(Bobby Mehrotra) #202

Wonderful platform and great team work keep it going guys…

(Vikrant Upadhyay) #203

Thank you guys for all that you have done.

(srk1803) #204

Fantastic Achievement guys! Thanks you for all the great efforts… I just joined this gr8 Group…SHIRISH

(ds101) #205

Thank you for providing us a great platform :+1:

(Moksh) #206

Thank you Pratyush & Vimal!!!
Awesome job

(S t o c k M i n e r ) #207

Thank you very much to each and every one worked for this great Indian stock mining wonder

(Manish Kayal) #208

Thanks Vimal and Pratyush for the new interface. Its very easy to roam around the website now.I use to have difficulties in accesing the previous version of Valuepickr. The upgraded version is awesone.

Great work @vml @pratyushmittal @Donald @ayushmit

(Harish Assudani) #209

Congratulations,great job done,somebody told me when i was a boy that noble job is only medicine(to become a doctor and serve people) But now I have modified my thinking when anybody has saved many small investors losing their hard earned money,by guiding them how to invest,saving them from falling prey to gullible/fraudsters capitalists.

And best part of this selfless service to the investors is without any hope of getting any financial benefits
Many kudos, my heartiest