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With vehicles driving on footpath and people and animals on roads, we will take atleast 2 decades to get there…

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What better testing environment with a good IT human resource to program AI !

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India is called by some as a re-developing nation. Purchasing power in general has increased in the last 2 decades and it will continue to increase further. People will earn more (and also be forced to spend more). It is quite likely that taxes will continue to increase as well.
Inflation and interest rates should start moving towards 2-3% as the country starts becoming like the western world.
We are quite behind in infrastructure, healthcare, basic education, insurance etc. and the government will have to continue spending on various initiatives (due to corruption, the full benefits of those investments would not reach the desired scale, unfortunately).

We will become like Poland or Czech republic in about 10 -15 years from now - depending on government policies, stability, schemes and scams.

20 years may seem long, but most big businesses of today should get through just fine. More interesting would be the smaller companies - some of which will become quite big - just like Infosys.
Investing in real estate in B or C category cities could perhaps give more predictable returns.