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Utsav …
Does the H1 nos include MPA Singapore nos too…If no, from when it will be
aggregated…Also, the receivable days has halved in H1 18 compared to H1
17. Any views on what worked so well for company…

Disc: Invested from lower levels…


These numbers do not reflect MPA numbers. They are the joker in the pack and can provide the zing in H2 numbers.

As far as receivables are concerned, I have always believed that as they grow in size, they will be able to negotiate better payment terms with their clients. Its a simple case of a new company bending over backwards to suit client demands to get business, and once set…push for better deals.

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Thanks Utsav… That info helps… Also, we know MPA is as big as MRSS in
revenues… Any idea on margin profile… I am sure they will offshore the
work to India and will improve it in 3 - 4 q…

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I was also interested in this company and went ahead to Buy. But saw the Market depth as shown in below image while initiating the trade. The market depth looked fishy to me.

Note : Everyday you can see similar depth. On either side people buying or selling exact multiples of 600 shares.

Am I being too concerned or is it something wrong here?




This is a SME stock where you have to buy in lot sizes ( like FNO )
The lot size for MRSS is 1200
Trust that clarifies

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Hi VKU 369

Yes. In SME exchange every stock will have a minimum lot to trade. For MRSS
it is 600 shares…Nothing fishy about it. If you want to buy in lots of 1
share, you need to wait till Mar 18. That is when MRSS will go to BSE main
exchange where you can buy 1 share also…

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Thanks for information. Was not aware of SME? Will check more on it

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still no one for 2 lots is equally suspicious…

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MRSS Raj sharma in cnbcTV18…I guess this is their maiden TV appearance

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MRSS receives a major social research project
MRSS 9th Jan.pdf (786.1 KB)

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MRSS quarterly newsletter

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Excellent report, giving a good feel of the corporate activities and culture of the organisation. Gives me confidence to hold. Thanks for the upload.